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Zephyr January 2023

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Illustrious Sir From the desk of Rodney LaBlanc From Behind the Wheel had the pleasure of presenting a number of special Thoughts From Potentate Awards Be sure to check them out in the articles from Ceremonial Behind the When our awards were done we had our Parade to Glory where our Clubs and Units donated over Steering Wheel 290 000 to the ZOR Temple as well as our Children s WOW We were really Scootin thru 22 this year November found Lady Mary and I in Texas spending time with Ben Alyssa and 2 of our granddaughters While there we helped Ben with the Arabia Feztival of Trees that he and Alyssa organized What a great lablanc85 gmail com time December 2nd was our Divan meeting in LaCrosse our wonderful ceremonial on the 3rd At ROMfollowed YOURby ZOR POTENTATE our Ceremonial we welcomed 4 new Shriners and of them Paul Mott is a Legacy Shriner I want to ers one Ladies Family and Friends thank Imperial Sir Ron DeVoll as well as Past Imperial onthly articles heading that because Potentate Jimthe Smith and Lady AliceI did for joining us as ow my lovely Mary and Ithank do a Ann lot of Mary and I Lady want to especially andtraveling Monte Masonic events all over the state andand across the Steiber Mary Ellen and Steve Peterson Judy and ng drives give for ustheir lotshard of time think plan Gary Cuskey work to in organizing ourand Wetaken also want Todd Wohlert avelsCeremonial lately have ustotothank Houston Texasand to LaCrosse Divan forthe theirInaugural excellent and d histhe family as Ritualistic well as attend Ball our ShrineBynum ritual and his abiaentertaining Potentate rendition Ralph of Corky The morning started with the Divan opening s we have gotten to be good friends withthethem Temple and Orientation and the history of ZOR Shrine w years From Houston LasDunham Vegas to and Shriners Internationalwe byflew Nobleto Brian West Shrine Bowl and its various events The afternoon session commenced with our Past and extraPotentates days hanging out with otherMark ZORJerdee Divan Larry Hanson Bob 14 Gorsuch atesBarry and Ausen their and Ladies also Garywho Cuskey asjourneyed well as Nobleout Ronfor Malcolm theflew 1st section of our new for being in Lasperforming Vegas we back to Houston That was followed by Funsters daysKnickerbocker with familyDegree and attended a chili cookoff at members Bob Randy and Chris performing the 2nd at was sponsored by the Arabia Alchemist Unit part of the Knickerbocker Degree We followed that entful drive back home after 12 days on the road with the Arch Degree presented by the Directors s toStaff reflect onThorstad the events weOtt hadDave justDewey attended John PP Bob Dale Holmen andbe Al Behind Brawders the TheWheel rest of the w weeks we ll asafternoon we travel filled with theDay Fezzing Ceremony and the a Old Red rty was Shrine Mason in Tomah number Fez as read by John Thorstad PP and the Shriner s meetings Creed by Jacob LaBlanc likeAfter to explain my for Potentates design that a short break some photoPin opportunities I I r this year to represent me The red scooter y LaBlanc I especially want to thank my daughter Lexie who has been invaluable to me and ZOR this year in doing various important duties such as sending E Blasts submitting articles for the Zephyr and all of her help in editing the Zephyr to ensure that it is top Hospitals and Clinics notch month after month Lexie is also very prolific We enjoyed a great evening banquet followed by at promoting ZOR and Shriners in general on differsome awesome entertainment Mary and I would like to thank the the UW LaCrosse Alumni band and Todd ent social media sites such as Facebook Instagram represents ZOR and Snapchat Lexie has also worked diligently to Wohlert for their energizing performance We Mavericks unitvery that keep the ZOR website and calendar up to date Lexie wantbeen to extend a special THANK YOU to Darla Ialso have a member has even assisted in winning the Shriners InternaHansen for her inspirational story as a past Shrine of for the past 30 years The scooter as tional Dromedary Awards for Instagram Facebook patient as well as singing us a few songs well thetouniform beingNoble wornLady by the rider and our website Thankasyou each and every family ismember a close representation of our scooter and present to publicly thank my Lady Mary for and friend that attended our Ceremonial It I also wantuniform embracing Shrinedom with me for over 30 years The Mavericks started in 1984 and were named the Mascoutin is truly amazing to see the support that ZOR Shrine assisting meShrine in all my Masonic and Shrine endeavMavericks as many members were part of the Mascoutin has and always being by my side supporting me and A couple later I had of attending a ors Club thatdays is based outthe of privilege Waushara Marquette Green Lake and my ideas Past Master Table Lodge hosted by Baraboo Lodge Winnebago Counties Sometime in the 1990 s the name was I am truly blessed to have my whole family Ben Last week to I shopped far and wideWe andride was able to Honda changed ZOR Mavericks 1986 Spree Mopeds Alyssa Avery and Addison Jacob Kessa Willa Nellie find and purchase 2innew vans for Hospital aDads and participate about 25our parades summer We used to all so dedicated to Shrine and Kollee and Lexie program that will be utilized to transport patients to participate in 35 parades each summer but needed to cut back and from appointments at our Hospitals and Clinics Masonry as members aged out oftotaled the founding andbeen long time It has my honor and privilege to have been These vans are to replace a vanSome that was by members of the unit are Harvey Reilly and the late Paul Handa chosen by you the Nobility of ZOR Shrine to serve hitting a deer and one that is older and is getting to as your Potentate in 2022 I hope you all enjoyed Bill Reitter Bill Downie Bill Seaman and Irv Heller Other longhave high mileage 2022 as we certainly Goingmembers forward weinclude have a fewBill Christmas parties toBarthel Roger Barthel have Our participation numtime Drecktrah Jon bers were way up Al this year and I hope that continues attend as well as some Club and Unit officer instalJacob LaBlanc Bill Schmitz John Ambrose Larry Severson for the benefit of ZOR Shrine Thank you all so much lations January 13th and 14th will be the Annual Hiatt Dick Jarvis Darrell Smith myself plus a for few new Nobles a fantastic year Meeting Elections and Installation of next year s who help to keep the group functioning well Mary and I will see you around as we continue to Potentate and Divan Scoot thru 22 and beyond I would like to thank everyone who served on the THANK YOU ZOR Rod Divan with me and those that served on our various We have lots of events planned for the year so we hope to committees all year see you as we Scoot Thru 22 Zephyr Reminder HELP US SAVE PRINTING AND MAILING COSTS Sign up to get your ZEPHYR news magazine via e mail E mail zorsubmit gmail com ds of Zephyr Send your donation to the Shrine Office 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 January 2023 Be sure to email your stories by ALL CLUBS AND UNITS SHOULD BE ZEPHYR SUPPORTERS S M T W IST F ZEPHYR S THIS YOUR Tuesday January 10TH HELP US SAVE PRINTING MAILING COSTS Sign up to get your ZEPHYR news magazine via e mail E mail zorsubmit gmail com Include information for the month of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Become a Friends of the Zephyr February 2023 Send your donation to the Shrine Office 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 February 2023 Madison WI 53719 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 to email your stories by Thursday March 10th All CLUBS AND UNITS SHOULD BE ZEPHYR SUPPORTERS Deadline January 10 TH Deadline March 10th THIS IS YOUR ZEPHYR information for the 29 30 31 month of April 2022 ZEPHYR REMINDER Page 2 April 2022 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com USPS 017 572 Published monthly under the auspices of ZOR SHRINE OFFICE

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Thoughts JANUARYFrom 2023 Behind the Steering Wheel Rodney LaBlanc Montello WI rmlablanc85 gmail com contents Zor Annual meeting will be held on Saturday January 14 2023 at 1pm It will be located at the Radisson Hotel 200 Harborview Plaza A MESSAGE FROM YOUR ZOR POTENTATE Crosse the ZOR represents Greetings Brothers Ladies Family and Friends in downtown La attendees haveunit theirthat 2023 dues paid to attend Mavericks I gave my Monthly articles the heading that I didAll because as must NOTICE I have been a member of for the past 30 years The scooter as well as the uniform being worn by the rider is a close representation of our scooter and present uniform The Mavericks started in 1984 and were named the Mascoutin Mavericks as many members were part of the Mascoutin Shrine Club that is based out of Waushara Marquette Green Lake and Winnebago Counties Sometime in the 1990 s the name was changed to ZOR Mavericks We ride 1986 Honda Spree Mopeds and participate in about 25 parades a summer We used to participate in 35 parades each summer but needed to cut back as members aged out Some of the founding and long time members of the unit are Harvey Reilly and the late Paul Handa Bill Reitter Bill Downie Bill Seaman and Irv Heller Other longtime members include Bill Drecktrah Jon Barthel Roger Barthel Jacob LaBlanc Bill Schmitz John Ambrose Larry Severson Al Hiatt Dick Jarvis Darrell Smith myself plus a few new Nobles PAGE 13 CONTACTS BIRTHDAYS In the next few weeks we ll be Behind the Wheel as we travel Zor New Noble s L to to keep R the group functioning well who help toPAGE the Clown 14 19 Party FALLShrine Mason CEREMONIAL Day in Tomah and a number Ill Sir Rodney LaBalnc Noble Paul Mott Noble Davis Chavez of Club and Unit meetings Noble Tim We Molepske Noble Peter planned Lenz andfor Imp Ronso DeVoll have lots of events theSir year we hope to PAGE 20 MAKING OF A CLOWN 2023 Pin design that I I would also like to explain my Potentates see you as we Scoot Thru 22 have chosen for this year to represent me The red scooter ON THE COVER many of you know my lovely Lady Mary and I do a lot of traveling for Shrine and Masonic events all over the state and across the country The long drives give us lots of time to think plan and discuss Our travels lately have taken us to Houston Texas to see our son and his family as well as attend the Inaugural Ball FOR Corky SHRINERS forPAGE the5 SNOWMOBILE new Arabia Potentate RIDE Ralph Bynum and his Lady RuthAnn as we have gotten to be good friends with them PAGE 6 7 FEZTIVAL OF TREES over the last few years From Houston we flew to Las Vegas to attend the East West Shrine Bowl and its various events and PAGEa8 CALENDAR DRIVERout SHORTAGE spent couple extra days hanging with 14 other ZOR Divan and Past Potentates and their Ladies who also journeyed out for PAGE 9 MEMBERSHIP MUSINGS the game After being in Las Vegas we flew back to Houston for a PAGE couple more days with family and attended a chili cookoff at 11 SHRINERS CHILDREN S TWIN CITIES Arabia Shrine that was sponsored by the Arabia Alchemist Unit PAGE OF THE NILE We had12 DAUGHTERS an uneventful drive back home after 12 days on the road which allowed us to reflect on the events we had just attended IN THIS ISSUE FALL CEREMONIAL PG 14 19 FEZTIVAL OF TREES PAGE 21 HEART OF WI SC CHRISTMAS PARTY OFFICER INSTALLATION HELP US SAVE PRINTING AND MAILING COSTS PG 22 23 IN MEMORIUM HOSPITAL DADS Become a Friends of Zephyr Send your donation to the Shrine Office 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 DONATIONS FRIENDS OF THE ZOR Sign up to get your ZEPHYR news magazine via e mail E mail zorsubmit gmail com ALL CLUBS AND UNITS SHOULD BE ZEPHYR SUPPORTERS PAGE 24 INTERESTING ALMOST TRIPTHIS IS YOUR ZEPHYR PAGE 25 ON THE LIGHTER SIDE PAGE ZEPHYR 27 LISTING OF SHRINERS CHILDREN S REMINDER Be sure to HOSPITALS YEAR THEY OPENED email your stories by Thursday March 10th Include information for the month of April 2022 BACK COVER DECADE MEMORIES LXXVNO No 02 1 January 2023 VOL VOL LXXIV MARCH 2022 Winner of ten First Place Dromedary Awards for Shrine Newspapers and seven Honorable Mentions Zor Editor Zor Imagineers Correspondent Milt Helmer Page 2 USPS 017 572 Published monthly under the auspices of Zor Shriners of Shriners International Address 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 Electronic Subscription available on website Periodicals Postage Paid Madison WI and additional mailing offices Postmaster Send changes of address to Zor Zephyr 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 For Advertising call Milt Helmer 715 821 5002 January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com April 2022 Deadline March 10th ZOR SHRINE OFFICE PG 6 7 Mail Address 608 833 6343 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 Pat accounting zorshriners com Amy zoradmin zorshriners com website www zorshriners com Zor Temple Office Hours of Operation Monday Thursday 9am 4pm Closed Fridays Deadline for Submission 10th of the month prior E mail submissions to zorsubmit gmail com Page 3

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2022 ELECTED OFFICERS ZOR SHRINERS 2022 APPOINTED OFFICERS 1st Ceremonial Master Chief Rabban Jacob LaBlanc Al Brueggen and Lady and Lady Kessa Penny Poynette WI Sparta WI jklablanc gmail com brueggenal gmail com Assistant Rabban Roger Keller and Lady Tammy New Richmond WI rogerkeller2012 gmail com Potentate 2nd Ceremonial Master and 1st Lady and Lady Rodney LaBlanc Mary Montello WI rmlablanc85 gmail com High Priest Prophet and Lady Linda Dawn Eau Claire WI Wautoma WI getbrianandlinda gmail com and Lady Koral Wisconsin Rapids WI prosticker solarus net zor22divan yahoo com Imperial Potentate Kenny Craven and 1st Lady Jennifer JJ Summerville NC Recorder hanso tds net Page 4 mrkastens gmail com Baraboo WI rgorsuch oak bank Albany WI Susan New Richmond WI Jennifer Fitchburg WI Jill and Lady and Lady Carol and Lady Mike Kastens Leonard Pickett and Lady Larry Hanson PP Captain of the Guard Outer Guard Bob Gorsuch PP Treasurer Eau Claire WI rpmalcolm6546 gmail com Kevin Reilly and Lady Steve Livernash Dawn Marshall Brian Dunham Oriental Guide Ron Malcolm Leonardpickett14 yahoo com Most Worshipful Grand Master Paul T Tourville Chaplain and 1st Lady Karl Gant Mukwonago WI paul tourville wimasons org kgyellowstone62 gmail com Kelli Zor Zephyr Magazine Blanchardville WI

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Feztival of Trees Zor Midgets Feztival of The Midgets second annual Feztival of Trees was held in Sparta from November 14 through November 19 2022 The event was created to raise funds to pay for new parade vehicles that were purchased this year to replace their original Thunderbird models Those cars were featured in parades for 52 years The Midget s second Feztival featured nineteen trees beautifully decorated and enhanced with gifts bringing the total value for each tree to at least 500 All trees were donated by area businesses community organizations and individuals Spectators paid 3 to view all the trees in the wonderfully decorated Valley Lodge 60 and most purchased raffle tickets to have a chance to win a tree Drawing for the winner of each tree took place at the close of the Feztival on Saturday evening and was done by a young man who has been treated at a Shrine Hospital since he was a baby Sponsors had the option of purchasing their tree decorations and gifts meeting the required 500 minimum value or paying the Feztival organizers to make all arrangements on their behalf The themes for each of the nineteen trees were quite varied and included family games children s toys power tools raffle tickets a wide variety of meat an outdoor grill package and many more In addition to the trees and decorations Santa was on site to visit with children on Friday and Saturday Participants were treated to cookies snacks hot cider and hot chocolate A mini donut truck on Friday and Saturday was an excellent addition this year Page 6 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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Trees a Big Success The Midget s are very grateful for the support of the members of Valley Lodge 60 MECCA Shrine Club and the Zor Shriners The Midgets third annual Feztival of Trees will take place in Sparta s Valley Lodge 60 on November 13 through November 18 2023 Plans are being made to accommodate more trees within the limited space Anyone group or individual interested in sponsoring a tree next year should contact Al Brueggen brueggenal gmail com or John Hendricks hendrijoh gmail com to reserve a place TREE WINNERS 2022 TREE SPONSOR PRIZE WINNER Mecca Shrine Club Meat Katie Ann Evans Robertson Construction Lottery Ticket Tree Erik Williams Wow 363 off lottery tickets Rockland Flooring 2 Sports Packer tickets Kalista Burkhardt All American Lumber Golf Melissa Timm GR8Buy Auto Detail Cars Detail Bill Ott Active Chiropractic New Year New You Bonnie Geier Torkelson Funeral Home Candy Tree Kristin Pulham Lanham Schanhofer Funeral Home Americana Karen Peters River Bank Outdoor griddle Outdoor games Al Smith Dorine s Family Inn Kitchen Aide Baking things Gail Dutton Ted Roles Janice Janzen John Hendricks and Gulnara Drier Power Tools Joe Hemmerich Concept Construction Blow Up Nut cracker snowman Brenda Downing Foxhole Pub Family Fun Night Package John Debbi Thorstad Lady Butterfest Gold Tree Coffee stand Alice Vian Rockland Flooring 2 Rotating Tree Toy Chest Sharon Gorshe US Silica Cozy and Comfy items Gulnara Dreier JJ s Floral Mark Sharon Jerdee Victorian Tree Jewelry and miscellaneous items Jody Zillmer Smithburg Family Pit Boss Smoker and items Beth Matson Brueggeman Swan Statz Families Swan s wooden items Kathy Miller January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 7

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JANUARY Thursday Feb 2nd Sat Jan 7th Camel Patrol s Chief Rabban Party 5 00 PM 8 00 PM 7 th Rex s Innkeeper 301 N Century Ave Waunakee WI Social at 5 00 PM Dinner at 6 30 PM Thursday Feb 2nd Wed Jan 4th Directors Staff Meeting 6 30 PM 8 30 PM 4 th Tully s II Food Spirits 6401 Monona Dr Monona WI Fri Jan 13th Divan Appreciation Dinner 6 00 PM 8 00 PM 13th Radisson Hotel La Crosse 200 Second Street South 200 Harborview Plaza La Crosse WI Wisconsin Room Sat Jan 14th Zor Shriners Annual Meeting 11 15 AM 3 00 PM Radisson Hotel La Crosse 200 Second Street South La Crosse WI 14th Ladies Luncheon starts at 11 15 am Men s Luncheon starts at 11 45 am Annual meeting will be called to order at 1 00 pm Sat Jan 14th Zor Shriners Fez Party 4 30 PM 10 00 PM 14th Radisson Hotel La Crosse 200 Second Street South La Crosse WI Social at 4 30 pm Dining room opens at 5 30 pm Live entertainment starts at 7 30 PM East West Shrine Game Local 6 00 PM 9 00 PM Mehara Shrine Club 2625 W Folsom St Eau Claire WI Open to all to attend FEBRUARY Fri Jan 13th Divan Meeting 2 00 PM 4 00 PM 13th Radisson Hotel La Crosse 200 Second Street South La Crosse WI East West Shrine Game Las Vegas NV Sun Jan 15th 2023 Zor Divan Kickoff Meeting 9 00 AM 11 00 AM 15th Radisson Hotel La Crosse 200 Second Street South La Crosse WI Iowa Room 21st Sat Jan 21st Rice Lake Snowmobile Ride 12 00 PM 8 00 PM Blue Hills Masonic Center 225 W South St Rice Lake WI Saturday Feb 4th Green County S C Pancake Breakfast 6 00 AM 12 00 PM Smith Masonic Lodge 1613 1 2 10th Street Monroe WI Thursday Saturday Feb 9 10 11th Marketing Membership Training Grapevine TX Thu Jan 26th Mini Car s Meeting 6 30 PM 8 30 PM 26th Winchester Restaurant 568 Haugen Rd Edgerton WI 28th Sat Jan 28th Mehara Euchre Tournament 1 00 PM 5 00 PM Mehara Shrine Club 2625 W Folsom St Eau Claire WI Open to all Attention All For Zor a shortage of hospital drivers and or riders is always a problem We are asking anyone who is interested and has the time to help out and is willing to volunteer to be a driver and or rider to PLEASE contact the office at 608 833 6343 either extensions 1 or 2 and leave their contact information The office will see that the volunteer s information is forwarded to the van coordinator in the appropriate area Thank you in advance for your help Page 8 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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ZOR MEMBERSHIP MUSINGS MIKE KASTENS NEW RICHMOND Greetings Nobles and Ladies I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years Holiday I also hope everyone was able to enjoy the holidays with their families and it was filled with peace and joy We were fortunate enough to spend the holidays with our kids and their families what a joyous time of the year for us We had a great Fall Ceremonial in LaCrosse Wisconsin We brought in 4 new Nobles and we recognized several Nobles for their achievements for the past year Illustrious Sir Rodney had a nice Parade to Glory as well For the year 2022 we welcomed approximately 20 new Noble s to the fraternity This was a major accomplishment as some were welcomed by cold sands and were invited to the Spring or Fall Ceremonials Some of the cold sands required members of the Divan to travel to different locations within Zor The Divan members who traveled to put on the cold sands ceremonials always did it with a smile as they knew it was for the best of our great fraternity Unfortunately also for 2022 we were not able to keep ahead of the Black Camel We had 44 Nobles fall victim to the Black Camel 3 Nobles demitted their membership from Zor 2 Nobles resigned from Zor 1 Noble was suspended A total of 50 Nobles were lost for the aforementioned reasons We have established a great working relationship with the Grand Lodge in recruiting new Master Masons with the hope a majority of them will become Shriners in the future With this new working relationship Zor is in the process of rebranding ourselves to become more available to the Master Masons who have an interest in becoming a Shriner There will be more information available in the future This is my last Membership Musing as Zor Membership Chair After three years it is time to turn the reins over to someone new I am not going away but rather I am hoping to continue my journey on the Divan and the adventures that are ahead But rest assured membership will be one of the main areas where I will continue to work on I hope all of you will give the new Membership Chairman the support that I have received these past three years A new Membership Chairman will be announced at the Annual Meeting and Officer Installation on January 14 2023 I have had the honor to work with three great Potentate s They are Past Potentate s Barry Ausen 2020 Mark Jerdee 2021 and Illustrious Sir Rodney LaBlanc 2022 All three of these individuals have given me their support 100 of the time when I would ask for their assistance If you ever need any assistance my cell phone number and email address are listed below Like I said I am not leaving membership but turning the reins over to a new person Fraternally yours Mike Kastens 2022 Membership Chairman Cell 715 497 7527 Email Address mrkastens gmail com Calendar Raffle Winners December 2022 20 00 Bonnie Comstock Merrillan 20 00 Jason Hayden Mondovi 150 00 Jennifer Torkelson Tomah 20 00 Jeff Whitford Madison 20 00 Janet Pollock Guttenberg IA 20 00 Philip Anderson Madison 20 00 Sean Dean Wausau 20 00 Laura Sindelar Friendship 20 00 Sally Burgace Black River Falls 100 00 Amanda Reilly Cuba City 20 00 Elizabeth Steiber Prairie du Chien 20 00 Kerwin Greeno Tomah 20 00 Milt Helmer River Falls 20 00 Jake Mattakat East Bethel MN 20 00 Doug or Cory Hoffman River Falls 20 00 Keith Creuziger North Las Vegas NV 100 00 Davey White Jr Platteville 20 00 Racheal Loy Fennimore 20 00 Steph Nelson Lone Rock 20 00 Linda Outhouse Oregon 20 00 James DeLamater Ellsworth 20 00 Helen Anklam Wausau 20 00 Daniel Jessie Black River Falls 100 00 Jered Aiona Eleva 20 00 Jeff Sandberg Mondovi 20 00 Justin Thompson Greenfield 20 00 Duane E Huber Janesville 20 00 Tony Gailloreto Whitewater 20 00 Ken Pierce Tomah 20 00 Al Hiatt Berlin 150 00 Charles Dyer Prairie du Chien January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine 1 120 00 Total Prizes Page 9

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Zor s Annual Meeting Officer Election and FEZ Party Zor Shriners annual meeting and election of officers will be held on Saturday January 14 2023 at the Radisson Hotel 200 Second Street South La Crosse WI The ladies luncheon will start at 11 15 a m The men s luncheon will start at 11 45 a m The Annual meeting will start promptly at 1 00 p m Following the annual meeting and election at approx 3 00 p m ladies family and friends are invited to attend the public installation Cash Bar begins at 4 30 p m Dinner at 5 30 p m Live entertainment at 7 30 p m Page 10 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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Shriners Children s Twin Cities Greetings to all and with hope you had a fabulous holiday season Here we are at the start of 2023 and I can t be more excited for the Twin Cities Ambulatory Care Clinic We had a fairly successful year in 2022 establishing a number of things to help position our site in the market and increase service offerings This includes installing sensory space equipment in Rehab Therapy being approved for direct community referrals for rehab developing cranial facial offerings for plagiocephaly and torticollis along with gaining approval of our 2023 strategic plan budget and specific initiatives to develop further affiliated partnerships Foundationally while all of these are necessary and exciting we have a few more things to do in 2023 if we want to be relevant and serve our market But for now the bigger challenge is to grow our numbers of patient visits in each of our service lines clinic therapy POPS imaging and surgeries Having these resources is great but without the patients these along with staff sit idle This is going take each of us spreading the word and promoting the name more than we have likely ever done and in ways that are not necessarily familiar to Shriners Children s As always we welcome and are grateful for the relationship we have with the Shriners and WGA Both groups truly exemplify the mission of Shriners Children s and we couldn t be prouder of how you continue to represent what we do for children in each of your communities 2023 is a great turning point for us to fully develop this model grow the brand and serve more kids than ever before Happy New Years David Voller MBA FACHE Clinic Administrator Shriners Children s Twin Cities January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 11

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Mitch Behlke Queen Antioch Temple No 113 Daughters of the Nile 85 S Stoughton Rd Madison WI Happy New Year I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas with friends and family and I ll bet the food was ample and delicious Hard to imagine it is 2023 The last several years have been such a whirlwind of emotions and flying time The new year is just that a new year for new starts new plans new programs new events new friends and new thoughts Now where do we begin Our goal is for character building among women social interactions and service to others We have built lifelong friendships and take great pride in what we do It s all about the children We have generously given toys books balls remote control toys games blankets puzzles dolls colors paints and table favors to the hospitals You get a warm feeling when you give to a child in need who is so grateful Let s get involved 1 Volunteer and make your presence known There are many areas in each of our communities who would love you assistance Take a little time to investigate the needs of your community 2 Support the Masonic family in all activities and events as much as you possibly can Your lodges Eastern Star and others need your support Travel and attend other order s events 3 Reach out to your membership and their families We have an Adopt a Member program where each of our officers has several members to keep in contact with thru cards notes calls and home visits This program continues throughout the year and includes all holidays It is great to hear their comments and appreciation in their return notes We all love a little attention from our friends 4 Education An educational point should happen in our sessions and at our social times We need to share our information with the new members and have fun reminiscing the good old days We all love stories of the past There is so much information about our order that many of us do not know We need to have someone present an item of information for discussion at our sessions i e History of our order or the many changes over the years Information on the computer and IT technologies would also be very helpful Keep it positive and keep it fun Zor Fall Ceremonial held in LaCrosse WI Calendar for 2023 January Dark February Initiation of a Candidate March Election of Officers Proud to be a Daughter of the Nile Queen Mitch Behlke MitchRN507 hotmail com 920 988 0608 Page 12 Queen Mitch presenting the check from the DON Widows Club Tripli Shrine Feztival of Trees Queen Mitch and Chief Rabban Dale Graeven Maria Boyer Jensen Don Jensen Queen Mitch Cookie Walk Team Regina Fisher Queen Mitch Beth Schafer Elaine Engelke Jenn Vernig and Diane Amundson Noble Ralph and Queen Mitch Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com Cocoa bomb table

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YOUR CONTACTS ZOR Shrine Units CAMEL PATROL Jim Stelsel Jr 608 770 5204 MADISON CLOWNS Paul McCallum 608 931 0849 DIRECTORS STAFF Mark Severson 608 628 2688 FIREHOUSE JESTERS Jim Kielley 608 788 2594 FUNSTERS Randy Webb 715 572 3807 IMAGINEERS ZOR Shrine Clubs FLAMBEAU Robert Grunseth 715 532 7311 GREEN COUNTY Nicholas Baker 608 293 0796 HAYWARD MUSKY Paul Wharton 715 634 1320 HEADWATERS Roger Reas 715 661 1185 HEART OF WISCONSIN Jeff Schaefer 715 459 5440 INDIANHEAD Chris Peters 715 630 9143 Harlan Dodge 715 296 0485 Jacob LaBlanc 608 617 9776 Kevin Greeno 608 780 2498 MAVERICKS MIDGETS Tyson Swan 608 697 7629 MINI CARS Miles Bradley 608 289 1628 MUSKY CYCLE PATROL Chuck Stene 715 791 8240 PIPES AND DRUMS Daniel Stormont 608 426 4788 ROAD RUNNERS Mike Kastens 715 497 7527 SAWDUSTERS Mike Hayden 715 495 0258 TIN LIZZIES Edward Michels 715 877 3104 VETERANS PATROL Ray Burrows 715 228 2631 WAUSAUKEN SHRINERS Kevin Sorenson 715 581 0553 WRANGLERS Daniel Elmer 608 669 2618 Disclaimer LACROSSE LAKELAND Ron Jenkins 608 835 3588 MADISON Dale Holmen 608 513 2570 MASCOUTIN Kevin Reilly 920 765 4333 MECCA Robert Keene 608 343 0075 MEHARA Randy Johnston 715 210 0500 MOUNDVIEW Karl Gant 608 523 4714 PINE RIVER VALLEY Jon Rossing 608 604 6117 ROCK COUNTY Jeff Lichtfuss 608 752 2811 SAHARA Rodney Johnson 920 941 0235 SOUTHWESTERN WI Daniel Sedgwick 608 778 1878 ST CROIX VALLEY Carl Gaulke 715 425 6698 If this contact information for your unit club is not correct please contact the ZOR office to update the information Also please ensure that you provide a copy of your updated officers to the office as soon as you are able TIMBER Richard Dennis 612 210 3007 VACATIONLAND January 2023 Birthdays David Huston Thomas Boe James Weaver Howard Turk Chester Gabris Randy Turtenwald Kersten Rocksvold John Hanson Gregg Olson David Bergerson Lloyd Fredrickson Monte Kramer Stephen Willet PGM PP William Schmitz Richard Coles Gary Kiger Jeff Lichtfuss Matthew Mitchell Gary Scholosstein J K Johnson PP Willard Knott Dean Lecheler William Ratzburg Lind Knudson Frank During Robert Underly Dave Bomkamp Robert Severson James Senty Kenneth Anderson Dean Moon John Schaeffer Chet Melcher Kyle Bernander Stephen Williams Sherman Boucher Joe Ganske Kenneth Meyer Bruce Hanson H J Pollei Stanley Norris Robert Solverson Michael Anderson Marvin Engelke Duane Sokolosky James Hoskins William Lautz Donald Lautz Andrew Pendl Fredrick Taylor Theodore Erickson Allen Christopherson James Kielley Peter Foss Le Roy Hodel Jonathan Beighley William Collins Richard Arnold Barry Diehl Steven Peterson PP Scott Pedley PGM Charles Miller PP Bruce Trimble Bruce Eshelman Louis Wells Roger Young Ralph Madden Daniel Fose Leonard Pickett 608 963 0860 YOSHI Ron Malcolm 608 387 9421 January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 13

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2022 Fall Ceremonial ZOR s 2022 Fall Ceremonial kicked off Friday night December 2nd with the Divan and Dignitary dinner as well as the Past Potentate s Dinner Saturday morning started with none other than good fellowship fun laughs some light shopping with the Vets Patrol and Ladies Auxiliary and of course the Daughters of the Nile Cookie Walk The Divan opened the Temple Noble Karl Gant Chaplain gave our prayer and Noble Brian Dunham High Priest and Prophet did a quick orientation for all in attendance Shortly after ZOR s Ritualistic Divan performed their ritualistic ceremony with four candidates participating prior to receiving their Fez After the Ritualistic ceremony the group took a break for lunch The Ladies were presented with different opportunities to get involved in the Shrine with their Noble Past Imperial First Lady Alice M Smith presented Imperial First Lady Jennifer Craven s project Women Impacting Care with us Thank you Lady Alice The men were able to enjoy some more fun and fellowship as they enjoyed their lunch After lunch the afternoon started with introductions of the Divan as well as Past Potentates in attendance Immediately after introductions we jumped right into the Knickerbocker Degree and the Arch Degree Thank you to our Past Potentates and Funsters members who participated in the Knickerbocker and thank you to the Directors Staff for the Arch Degree Up next Fezzing The moment our 4 candidates waited for all day Arguably one of the best moments of becoming a Shriner is the moment you put your Fez on for the first time After receiving their Fez Noble Jacob LaBlanc 1st Ceremonial Master shared the Shriners Creed with our new Nobles Congratulations to Paul Mott Peter Lenz David Chavez and Tim Molepske Welcome to the ZOR family After the Fezzing we took a quick break for some pictures and also had some presentations by our visiting Dignitaries in attendance Queen Mitch Behlke Daughters of the Nile Fezzing New Nobles Parade To Glory Blue Gate Inn Shipshewana Indiana Past Potentates and their Ladies Page 14 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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2022 Fall Ceremonial Antioch Temple Dave Ritchie Deputy Grand Master Wisconsin Grand Lodge Past Imperial Potentate Jim Smith and Lady Alice and Imperial Outer Guard Ron DeVoll After those presentations we had several awards presented including SAMSAR Awards Years of Service Awards King of the BBQ Award to Head Chef Leonard Pickett Appreciation Awards and a special presentation to Imperial Sir Ron DeVoll pictures of him participating in the Obstacle Course on one of the Mavericks scooters at Midwest Summer Session this past August in Green Bay Congratulations to all recipients of awards Two more special awards were also presented on Saturday Illustrious Sir Rodney LaBlanc s 2022 Potentate Award of Merit Congratulations to Nobles Bob Hering and Joe Harker PGM on being chosen as the recipients of this award Thank you both for everything you have done not L to R Noble Bob Calverley New Zor Noble only for ZOR Shrine but also for the children that we serve David Chavez and Noble Chris Peters You are both appreciated more than you know After the awards we moved into the Parade of Glory Nobles their Ladies Units and Clubs of ZOR raised and donated over 290 000 to ZOR Shrine as well as our Hospitals and Clinics Thank you all so much We couldn t forget the traditional Lutefisk and Lefse pre dinner meal with the Potentate and visiting dignitaries We ended the night with our Saturday night banquet We enjoyed good food good fellowship good entertainment and great fun Thank you to the UW LaCrosse Alumni band for the music Also a HUGE thank you to Darla Hansen for making the trip from Western Iowa to share her story with us from her time as a patient and for singing for us There certainly was not a dry eye in the house We were also able to sing Happy Birthday to Lady Alice Smith as well as Lady Sharon Miller as they celebrated their birthdays with us during ceremonial weekend Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed support this weekend as we finished Scootin thru 22 Distinguished Guests L to Right Noble Ralph Behlke and Queen Mitch Behlke Daughters of the Nile Antioch Temple 113 Ill Sir Rodney LaBlanc Zor Potentate and Lady Mary Rite Worshipful David Richie Deputy Grand Master Masons of Wisconsin Lady Alice Smith Imp Sir Jim Smith Past Imperial Potentate and Imp Sir Ron DeVoll Imperial Outer Guard Guest Speaker Darla Hansen January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 15

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2022 Fall Ceremonial Page 16 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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2022 Fall Ceremonial III Sir Rodney s new clown name is Scooter January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 17

Page 18

2022 Fall Ceremonial Nobles Receive Potentates Award of Merit Saturday afternoon December 3rd Noble Bob Hering and Noble Joe Harker PGM were presented with the Potentates Award of Merit by Illustrious Sir Rodney LaBlanc Noble Hering was chosen for his dedication to ZOR the Road Runners and the Shriners Children s Twin Cities Clinic Noble Hering has been an instrumental part of the Annual Fishing With the Kids event that is held in Star Prairie WI every year and is finishing up his 4th year serving on the Board of Governors for the Twin Cities Clinic Noble Harker has dedicated many years to ZOR as Chief of Staff Emeritus and the Camel Patrol along with many years of organizing and emceeing our Ceremonials and Installations A special thank you to Joe for being our Master of Ceremonies at both our May and December Ceremonials Congratulations to the both of you and thank you for all of your time hard work dedication and effort in supporting ZOR Shrine Ritualistic Divan Page 18 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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2022 Fall Ceremonial Knickerbocker Degree Hospitality Room The hospitality room is the place to relax share stories and just enjoy each other s company Knickerbocker Cottage Potentate Issues a Challenge to all Nobles Zor s Potentate Ill Sir Rodney LaBlanc issues a challenge to all Zor Nobles Not only is Shrine about helping children Shrine is also about family our personal families and our Shrine Family We are all aware that our Shrine membership numbers are declining In order to keep our organization alive and functioning each one of us needs to work to help keep our membership numbers growing I challenge every Noble in Zor to join the Shrine Legacy Program Do this by bringing in family members to the Shrine sons grandsons sons in law nephews brothers cousins etc Share your pride in the Shrine with your family A special celebration will be held next fall winter for anyone who brings in new members this year and joins the Shrine Legacy Program For questions about the Shrine Legacy Program or the Challenge contact Noble Rodney LaBlanc at 608 617 6602 January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 19

Page 20

Making of a Clown 2023 Welcome to a new year in the land of Zor It is always a great day to be a Clown On Saturday February 18 2023 the Zor Clowns from Madison the 1 Clown Unit will host its Annual Clown Potentate Party for the new Zor Potentate It is at this time that we find out what a real clown he really is To start we ask any Past Potentates to bring their Potentate picture for our display We are planning some great raffle prizes for you this year As in the past all proceeds will go to the ISCA Red Sneaker Fund for the Shrine burn hospitals This will be year number 18 and over those years we ZOR have raised over 9 000 for the burn hospitals This year we will be at a Zor Shrine favorite Rex s Innkeeper 301 N Century Ave Waunakee WI We will have a great family style meal with all the trimmings including dessert We will eat at 6 00 PM and the social time begins when you arrive This year our cost will be 35 per person food costs are up all around us this year Reservations are needed by February 4 2023 Make all checks out to Zor Clowns and mail to Dale Holmen 13 St Albans Av Madison WI 53714 What better way to start out a new Shrine year than partying with a bunch of clowns There is a little clown in us all and some of us are willing to dress the part On February 18th we get to see what a real clown looks like See you on the 18th 2023 Clown Potentate Party February 18 2023 Rex s Innkeeper Waunakee WI DUE BY February 4 2023 MAKE CHECKS OUT TO Zor Clowns MAIL TO Dale Holmen 13 St Albans Ave Madison WI 53714 2023 Clown Potentate Party Name___________________________________________________________________ Number Attending ____________ X 35 person ___________________ MAIL THIS BOTTOM PORTION ALONG WITH YOUR CHECK BY FEBRUARY 4 2023 Page 20 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com

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Heart of Wisconsin Shrine Club Christmas Party Officer Installation On Sunday December 18 2022 the Heart of Wisconsin Shrine Club came together at the Lake Arrowhead Golf Course in Rome WI for their annual Christmas Party and Officer Installation The celebration was attended by many of its members as well as Zor s Chief Rabban Al Brueggen and his Lady Penny and 2 new Master Masons Glen Williquette and his Lady Deb and Scott Pflugradt and his Lady Lisa looking to join Zor in the near future The Installation of Officers was conducted shortly after dinner with the following Installing Officers Installing Officer Noble Steve Livernash Oriental Guide Installing Marshall Noble Al Brueggen Chief Rabban and Installing Secretary Ill Sir Steve Peterson PP The 2023 Heart of Wisconsin Officers are as follows President Noble Ken Olm V Pres Noble Bob Calverley Treasurer Noble Randy Webb Secretary Noble Chris Peters and Chaplain Noble Larry Shepard After the Installation of Officers the newly made Past President Noble Jeff Schaefer and his Lady Beth was presented with a gift of thanks for their time in office 2023 Officers from L to R Noble Larry Shepard Chaplain Noble Ken Olm President Noble Bob Calverley V Pres Noble Chris Peters Secretary and Noble Randy Webb Treasurer Officers and Installing Officers from L to R Noble Al Brueggen Noble Larry Shepard Noble Ken Olm Noble Bob Calverley Noble Chris Peters Noble Rady Webb Noble Steve Livernash and Ill Sir Steve Peterson PP Noble Jeff Schaefer Past President Lady Beth and their semi gift January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 21

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DONATIONS Shriners Children s Chicago DONOR Donation Parade To Glory PTG Mound View Shrine Club Camel Patrol Pipes Drums Shriners Children s Twin Cities IN MEMORY OF James Sockness LeRoy Lee David Finley DONOR Jack Diane Thomas Larry Julie Riemenschneider Jack Diane Thomas Larry Julie Riemenschneider DONATION DONOR Parade To Glory PTG Dorthy Ness Taylor Hayward Musky Shrine Club Mound View Shrine Club Musky Cycle Patrol Pipes Drums Flambeauland SC PATIENT TRANSPORTATON FUND DONOR Fundraiser Timber Shrine Club Parade To Glory PTG Hayward Musky SC Camel Patrol Lakeland SC Pine River Valley SC Wanda McCutchin Robin Gilbertson Mound View SC Funsters Shriners Hospitals for Children Mavericks Chicago Alexandra LaBlanc Dawn Brandt SHC Chicago In Memory of Vacationland SC Donor Dawn Beedy Wausauken Shriners Todd Jae Werndli NancyFood Peckham Norma Jenkins Zor Circus Fund AZBA Ladies Donations Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser Harold Shriners Shilling Wausaukan Cookie Sales Tin IzzyLizzies Henze Donation Arlie Fahrney DONATIONS SHC Twin Cities HOSPITAL REPS In Memory Of Dale Viney Lori Ann Langer Gordon Behling Donation Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser In Memory of Nancy Nelson Dale Anderson Donation Page 22 with Santa Fundraiser Breakfast UWW Football Fundraiser HOSPITAL DADS DRIVER RIDER Bob Calverley Bob Calverley Sandy Calverley Al Coenen Kevin Greeno Al Coenen Kevin Greeno Al Coenen Linda Thomas Kevin Greeno Kevin Greeno Jerry Larson Dora Johnston Sandy Wayne Dora Johnston Schelley Schoville Rick Fry Schelley Schoville Monte Steiber Monte Steiber Ken Meyer Scott Brainard Richard Jarvis Richard Dennis Vicki Dennis Dora Johnston Dora Johnston Randy Johnston Schelley Schoville Schelley Schoville Bob Calverley Sandy Calverley MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS Zor Shriners Membership Fund Shriners Children s Chicago Zor Shriners Endowment Fund Shriners Children s Twin Cities Zor General Fund Shriners Children s Ohio Friends of the Zephyr Fund Zor Hospital Patient Transportation Fund MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE AS MARKED ABOVE AND MAIL TO Zor Shriners 6510 Grand Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 In Memory Honor Of ______________________________________________________ Please acknowledge gift to the family Name __________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________ State ________ Zip______________ Please acknowledge gift to the Donor Via Email ____________________________________________________________ Name __________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________ State ________ Zip ______________ GIVE PARADE TO GLORY CREDIT TO CLUB OR UNIT Donor Carl Brenda Caulke Larry Annell Nelson Christopher Libbey Dean LeMay Karen Langer Evelyn McGee Don LeMay Hospital Transportation Roger Lee Aderman 11 16 22 Rice Lake WI Robert C Bob Keene 11 21 22 Tomah WI Donald R Matchey 10 07 22 Strum WI Ronald E Crooker 08 09 22 Sun City AZ Gary L Skon 08 18 22 Pittsville WI Roger L Sedgwick 12 02 22 Potosi WI Herman A Friess 12 06 22 Rice Lake WI Donald W Don Seaholm 09 29 22 Altoona FL Michael A Tharp 02 05 22 St Charles IL Patrick M Finley 07 27 22 Madison WI Raymond K Gwinn 12 24 22 Wisconsin Rapids WI Randy Smeltzer 12 25 22 Colfax WI Dale Anderson 608 490 0158 Board of Governors Shriners Children s Chicago 773 385 5400 Matt Hughey 202 251 6913 Associate Board Member Shriners Children s Chicago 773 385 5400 Wausaukan Shriners Robert Hering 715 760 2372 HOSPITAL DADS Board of Governors Donor Miles Candy BradleyRobert Hering Matt Hughey Zor DRIVER Shriners Children s Twin Cities RIDER 612 596 6100 Monte Steiber Ken Meyer Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com Wausaukan Shriners Nadine Schuh Dora Johnston Sahara SC

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Jerry E Wilkens Chet Gabris been hair industry If weinallthe don t do our part toKrueger increase our membership 100 00 Kraig Maiden Rock ranks in Imp Sir Jim Smith Lady Alice Gary Cuskey PP for 37 years and is the both the Blue Lodge and the Shrine we will cease toJudy Magazine Lonnie Kopp Maiden Rock exist in the Page 8Thorstad PP Zor 20 00 Zephyr Barbara www zorshriners com owner operator of her John Debbi Homann but it takes year 2035 Membership is not a one person operation salon Creating Looks 20 00 Trentin Holstein Wisconsin allhair of us to recruit retain restore build relationships for our great Larry Nelson in memory of PPRapids in Wautoma WI Dawn fraternity to survive 20 00 Elaine Partridge Merrill Johnenjoys Senty photography Homer Homann also If you are a first line signer forNelson a Noble no matter how long he 20 00 Teegan Pardeeville and traveling Robert Keene Ron Thompson has been a member of ZOR reach out to those Nobles and see Brent Nancy Clausius Allen Heinkel 20 00 Bryce Fransway Colfax how they are doing If they have not attended a club meeting or Al Anne Sigafus Nellie LaBlanc Poynette function seeBecker why 20 00 and invite them toShirley the next meeting Just the DaveifStolen memory of John same the Noble has not paid theirinrespective dues Sigafus find out if 100 00 Joe Harker New Berlin they are experiencing a financial hardship or other reason We are Martin Callaway Arlen Gloria Christensen 20 00 James R Timm Wisconsin Dells There are here to assist our worthy brothers in their time of need Lyle Fox Bob Amy Hering numerous ways we can all assist those who are experiencing 20 00 Karl OlmNobles Madison Tom Nelson PP Rodney Mary LaBlanc difficult times and it can beLinda doneDunham anonymously 20 00 Eau Claire in memory of Nancymembership Nelson Upcoming major event is the Summer Ceremonial 20 00 Sally Swenson Wilson Judy Foss andJames Potentate s Ball to be held on May 14 2022 at The Lodge of 20 00 Preston Mondovi Mauston in Fennie Mauston Wisconsin So Walther if you have any Master Masons E Donald who are interested in becoming Shriner this is a great opportunity 20 00 Suea Lardahl Durand for the candidates Another upcoming event is the Shrine Mason General Fund Donor West 100 00 Josh Whitney Allis Fun Day on March 12 2022 at the Masonic Temple in Tomah Parade To Glory PTG Hayward Musky SC 20 00 Blue Wisconsin So there are George going toKinney beWanda fun McCutchin and River fellowship events Camel Patrol upcoming where we can build our membership 20 00 Allen Stai Colfax Page 4 Page 8 Pine River Valley SC 20 00 Tony Giese Sparta Directors Staff SC Zor Zephyr Magazine Vacationland www zorshriners com 20 00 Michael Hoffman Watertown Zor Circus Food Fund Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com Notice them yet Please send them into the Zor Office at In closing let s all of use go out and search for those Master Steve Schumacher 6510 Grand CFP Teton Plaza Suite 204 Madison WI 53719 Masons who are looking for a fun and exciting group to join Also Managing Director Branch Manager Direct 608 758 5330 remember each day that you should be extremely proud to be a steve schumacher wellsfargoadvisors com Shriner and part of the world s greatest fraternity Keith C Creuziger Philip P Anderson Robert L Edwards Jon A Barthel Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC Fraternally yours Curtis Harrison James R Beer Member SIPC a registered broker dealer and non bank affiliate of WellsEFargo Mike Kastens 0718 01772 Company 2011 2013 2016 Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC All rights reserved Donald E Bergstrom Jon D Oakland 2022 Membership Chair Willis A Ostrem Scott K Brainard It is that time of year again where the Zor Office needs Robert F Wenrick Allen G Coenen the update all Clubs and Units Officers The current Marshallon H Coon 25 YEARS OF SERVICE 74127 v4 A1695 Calendar Winners FRIENDS OF Raffle THE ZOR ZEPHYR The information above was current as of February 7 2022 when I wrote my article and it could have changed some in a positive way In the future the membership information will be as current Zor 2022 Dues are now past due if you have not paid as possible Attention All Club Unit Officers list can be found on the Zor Website under the Forms tab https zorshriners com forms Please go to your 50 YEARS OF SERVICE list and verify your Officers and then inform Pat at the Louis L Chicquette Walter J Oravez Office at 608 833 6343 or accounting zorshriners Larry W Ryan John H Dodge com if theyS Hetzel are correct or what changes need to be Thomas J Wittmayer Howard made This needs to be done as soon as possible Wallace D Horner Larry L Zimmerman Thank you 55 YEARS OF SERVICE David D Hoffman B Deadman OCharles mhOlt FOrsythe s C Everett L Ellingson Peter J Hoffman Dennis L Jones RW Felland LLC s John C Van Hollen Gene S Grengs Attorneys atMarko Law Probate Business Zelich Eugene R Helgoe Steve Schumacher CFP Corporations Real Estate Managing Director Branch Manager Wills Power of Attorneys 65 YEARSEst OF1939 SERVICE Direct 608 Injury 758 5330 Personal 74127 v4 A1695 This 17 09 of our totalofmembership who have a his wayrepresents upways the ladder to all become Reillywho Motors leaving numerous we can assist owner those Nobles arebefore experiencing balance and areFor considered by Imperial to be in arrears The total the industry the last 5 years Kevin has spent his days as a rural difficult times and it can be done anonymously dollar ofdrives Nobles with abus balance is 14 455 00 Juststaying think mail amount carrier and a school in his free time Along with Upcoming major membership event is the Summer Ceremonial busy with work Kevin has as President the Waushara Area what we could be doing withserved the funds if all ourof membership wiped and Potentate s Ball to be held on May 14 2022 at The Lodge of Chamber of Commerce out that 14 455 00 Mauston in Mauston Wisconsin 2022 So ifJerry you Balschun have any PP Master Masons WINNERS DONORS Diane Kevin andattended his FEBRUARY Lady enjoy outdoor activities such as I will have theDawn Winter session of isthe Midwest Shrine who are interested in becoming a Shriner this a great opportunity motorcycling bicycling kayaking and hiking with their dogs Graysun Robert Gorsuch PP 20 00 Al in Penny Brueggen Debbie Sie Mondovi Association that was held in Green Bay the middle of February I for theCarsun candidates Another upcoming event is the Shrine Mason and Between met with my counterparts from different temples on membership GaryDay Shealy Rick Coles 20 00 Tammi Hoesly Monroe Fun on Dawn March 12 2022 at the Masonic Temple in Tomah Kevin and they and we all agreed that we need to make a concerted effort to Darrell4Schultz Thomas Julie White Wisconsin So there are to Hoffman be fun and fellowship events have daughters going 20 00 Doug Cory River Falls increase our membership in 2022 I will provide more information upcoming where we can build our membership Megan Carissa Alyssa Ray Barb Burrows Miles Candy Bradley in and future articles Dawn has Aaron Schmucker Markesan Karlie 20 00 steve schumacher wellsfargoadvisors com Charles E White Walter F Schar Jr ATTORNEY MANAWA IOLA Wells Fargo Advisors R is aWatson trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC Gerald 920 596 2060 DAVID L FORSYTHE 715 445 2511 Member SIPC a registered broker dealer and non bank affiliate of Wells Fargo 0718 01772 Company 2011 2013 2016 Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC All rights reserved 20 00 Bonnie Comstock Merrillan Membership Fund Donor Mondovi Parade To Glory PTG 20 00 Shelly Dziekan Mehara Shrine Club Funsters 100 00 Fredrick Outhouse Oxford Wausauken Shriners 20 00 Ray Burrows Coloma 150 00 Jeremy Haun Tomah A NEW LOOK THE SAME COMMITMENT TO DELIVERING Truck Service Inc Est 1927 431 Perry Street Union Center WI 53962 620 Deere Drive New Richmond WI 54017 Measurable Results DISCOVER THE SVA DIFFERENCE 608 462 8441 PHONE 715 246 2261 TOLL FREE 888 674 6455 FAX 715 246 7393 www drive4heding com www johnsonmotorsales com SVAaccountants com H MARK HEDING President Milt Helmer 2012 Michael Lane River Falls WI 54022 715 821 5002 miltonhelmer gmail com Page23 23 January 2023 Zor Zephyr MagazineMARCH 2022 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page

Page 24

An Interesting Trip Continued from previous Almost page Athletes with either condition can usually return to sports after several months of rest and physical t to Shriners Children s Chicago l Session 2022 Parade a back brace as part of their recovery which will be custom made for them in our orthotics departme is severely out of alignment or if a child remains in pain after other forms of treatment spinal fusion s On November 2 the Hospital Van out of Platteville had just picked up a patient and his mom near our skilled experienced physicians Readstown and were on the way to Shriners Children s Chicago Just outside Spring Green WI around 7 00 am on Highway 14 a 12 point buck bolted out of the bushes onto the roadway and in front of Rehabilitation the van Unfortunately there was no way to avoid hitting it Between the driver Ill Sir Wally Trouten Our team of physical and occupational therapists are highly trained in addressing a multitude of d and rider Noble Tim Driese we were able to get the van off the road Fortunately no one in the van non operative and post operative management of injuries we are able to tailor our treatment strateg was injured Two area volunteer firemen on thetoscene almost immediately and assisted slow sport whether it be were using crutches get around at school or progressing back to playingina high level ing down traffic Once an Iowa County Deputy arrived the patient and his mom were able to sit in his a 55448 4339 We use the most current evidenced based practice when utilizing modalities and strengthening tec squad car while a wrecker came thethe van The patient and sure his mom were homeprogress beforeand noon gmail com andand workloaded closely with medical providers to make the patient is making meeting and unfortunately the appointment was missed Specializing in treating pediatrics also gives us a clear lens of how treating a young athlete differs from the importance of using high level training when appropriate Our therapists have additional experien While some accidents are unavoidable those of you that drive and ride please be careful and alert wheelchair to play basketball a sled to play hockey or a prosthesis to go snowboarding It is crucial to life and not just their performance on the court or the ice but how their rehab will affect their ability to In conclusion the 2022 IMPERIAL SHRINE SESSION back in Minneapolis Imperial Sir Bill and Lady Debby Unfortunately it is impossible to eradicate all risks our Minnesota winters or winter sports pose Ho you your Divan your Nobility and your Ladies in our 150th YEAR as a FRATERNITY our to athletes Wearing a helmet to ski or snowboard o during sports is one way to reduce the riskand of injury ng SHRINERS CHILDREN S important to provide the maximum protection to our athletes Wearing good winter attire and using a ice and snow can help to reduce the risks of falls when out and about on slippery sidewalks and drivew Shriners Children s is one of the world s greatest philanthropies and has evolved into an internation able to treat many health care issues including orthopedic conditions spinal cord injuries burns and cleft 2022 care regardless of the families ability to pay Our centers vary regionally in terms of the range of condi our Nobility excited and join us for a FUN FILLED IMPERIAL SESSION IN MINNEAPOLIS We areclinic focused on the diagnosis and treatment of ped Shriners Children s Twin Cities is a specialty estions you might have Rooms are still available injuries Initially we served a six state region providing care for some of the most difficult congenital def ON with their feet facing the wrong way Some of our patients required over a dozen major surgeries befo we have expanded the range of services we offer to include common injuries We recently relocated to under one roof we have a skilled and knowledgeable medical team consisting of orthopedic surgeon and occupational therapists prosthetic and orthotic providers radiology technicians child life specialis collaborative approach allows us to treat a wide spectrum of patients with diagnoses ranging from cer think of us as a resource and partner when you have patients who may benefit from these services and ssion Allyce Fisk PA C MMS is an orthopedic physician assistant at Shriners Children s in Woodbury Rebecca Rouse PT DPT is a physical therapist at Shriners Children s in Woodbury n participating in the parade at the 2022 Imperial Session of Shriners International in tact the Zor Shrine office for more information Jeffrey A Redmon Your Business Counselor in the St Croix Valley 715 386 0100 175 Second Street South Suite 300 Hudson WI 54016 S V V Y P U N 33 2L PU VYLUZVU 5 6 17 200 5 2413 S Park St Madison WI 53713 608 257 1004 Your One Stop Shop for Tires Auto Service 3LQH 6W _ 0DUDWKRQ 0DUDWKRQ ORRULQJ QHW MARCH 2022 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 24 Continued on next page Comstock Tire Page 21 Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com www comstocktire com

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lighter side A man walks into a Youth is when library and asks the you re allowed to stay up late on New Year s Eve Middle age is when you re forced to librarian for books about Did youparanoia hear about the guy who started fixing breakfast at midnight on Dec 31 On hter He wanted to make a New Year s toast g i L She whispers They re the what year did Christmas Day and New Year s Day fall in the sameFOR year A LOOKING Side rightInbehind you Every year FEW GOOD MEN Zor Members Last Name 22 Parade Name Created with TheTeachersCorner net Word Search Maker IZburned W W 2000 L A V calories today Zor Members Last NameK B K N S R R P the last time I Zor Member LastList Name F CThats W T L D M P Word brownies in the Word List Member Since H leave Q V F N A I J First Name oven while I take a nap WILLIAM SWINTKOWSKI 1993 M G P S S C V U GARY CUSKEY 2005 PP 2018 ALAN BOECK 1993 RODNEY JOHNSON 2005 T Y J Q R Y A T ORVILLE BOECK JR 1993 ARTHUR LENIUS 2005 K J B X E E L C SHERMAN BOUCHER WALLY TROUTEN 2005 1993 PP 2019 B O K Y T L H B CHARLES PETERBOWEN ROTTER1993 2005 REGINALD HANSEN2005 1993 D U W E T D L T TONY FISCHER DAVID HUSTON 1993 WILLIAM CAROTHERS 2005 G I E K O R U P STEPHEN WILLETT PP 2009 JAMES BILSKEY1993 2005 I K C S R O V Z THEODORE SEE 1993 SION back in Minneapolis Imperial Sir Bill and Lady Debby MICHAEL KASTENS 2005 GERALD JORDAN PP YEAR 2003 asPa FRATERNITY X G U and P our Y W U and your Ladies in our1993 150th JOHN AMBROSE 2005 RAY BURROWS 1993 G P K C V L D N RICHARD JARVIS 2005 ANDREW GAVIN 1993 ALAN HIATT 2005 Y F P D Y U T Z LARRY HAWTHORN 1993 GREGORY O REILLY 2005 W S I P H M J P ERNEST JOHNSON 1993 JOHN HENDRICKS 2005 CHRIS KREUL 1993 E E H S B L W Q SCOTT GIESE1993 2005 LARRY TRONRUD or a FUN FILLED IMPERIAL SESSION INSMINNEAPOLIS are Y G P E C CWe S ROBERT BISCHKE1994 2005 DON BALCZEWSKI are still available ANDREW PENDL L T N D G H C N BRIAN BREDLAU 19942006 MICHAEL HEITKE 2006 RANDALL MUNDT 1994 H X R E H K E Z DAVID DEWEY 2007 ROBERT RANDS 1994 U J F T G T A R SEAN KLINE1994 2006 ROBERT WYMAN X G X I U M J R JOSEPH 2006 PETER FOSSARONSON 1994 FREDRICK OUTHOUSE Y F E O F H J S STEPHEN TREU 1994 2006 SCOTT PEDLEY 2006 WILLIAM WADEPHUL 1994 R S R S L Y G E BRIAN STEINMANN1994 2006 PHILIP GULLICKSON E T X D B O I P SCOTT FELDT 2006 O U M K FInnkeeper D P D N Rex s Q at the 2022 Imperial International in UseSession Zapperof Shriners Restaurant Bar and Banquet Facility CUSKEY ore information App to see we are TThatDis right R U Q looking T J for La fewL good men to participate in a new short U play O at G E E inAMauston Y Z our G May DCeremonial EPotentate Y A Rodney M E has F asked N R that K the B Knickerbocker Degree be presented This Zis something E Z new J W K L V B H to Zorland K X W L F L E D L E F R B W G D S O H N V H O Q S The K play K is very L short E RandX I presented B M L will be just before the traditional Shrine Ritual U X S K I Y P S S X Eon A Saturday May 14th in Mauston There are A seven X L 7 speaking R Y parts A C U asMsome U extras J M as well NO part is very long and we can have some H C I E D H V Y N L Z funB with this degree It follows the beginning of the QShrine B and B then G the K hospital V W system V G andT its N R effects Shrine Mon our M community A E Aas well T as Q theIimage L ofXthe B O W R B B E P G U J H M Z R M S K H F E Y O J H Z S H L H T Z V H D F U M L P U E U H F G B N L R X J Q O F H C D E G For those interested I will be able to send you a N P J Y U X I D Z Q G S U O copy of the script along with a presentation video The A D willUbe Q L those O Gtruly E interested J C in G being E W C video for just cast I would like to set a meeting at least for a run S C P T W W N D H R Y S Z X through This would be at some central location yet K to be T determined N V Y A R O N S O N N K PI doYbelieve N this Z will H beHsomething A D that G we S canW O have some real fun with and still present some F M K G I Y E E S R G C B history for those just coming into the Shrine we engage O Also R it s L great A when M V H J theTwhole K family K F H and they learn what we are all about K K P T E E Q Q I N L R P N D R I C C O K L S I S N I look forward to hearing of your interest H Please T G contact U N meH with V N V N or N yourOinterest EmailNDaleIHolmen N questions N A M E at T holmendd13 S Z E X att net or call 608 241 4751 Hope to hear from R any E Shriners I L with L fun Y in U N D X A theirHheart N K E H I T R F S W V X I Y G M F S H S R K X Z A X J Q H B B X T B I O N I G U T K W X G B W E S H I Z J N I D O C P Q E M P U M P C D T M F S O F L A JOHNSON LENIUS Use Zapper App to see the TROUTEN ROTTER FISCHER Name ZOR IMAGINEERS the answers to ZOR IMAGINEERS CAROTHERS BILSKEY KASTENS answers to this puzzle Created with TheTeachersCorner net Word Search Maker this puzzle AMBROSE JARVIS HIATT Zor Members Last Name O REILLY HENDRICKS GIESE Created with TheTeachersCorner net Word Search Maker Page 26 Zor Zephyr Magazine BISCHKE www zorshriners com B Q H P L V R O S G DEWEY S Y N S OUTHOUSE L S Open D Every S Night L N FELDT Lunch Mon Fri 11am 2pm P V I Y 715 643 4211 Q Y G O ey Page 6 P G T M 608 849 5011 K P W L VHEITKE D M D A L W V F P D M O S ARONSON BSTEINMANN W J J L L E R N T C F H T I P B K N O M Y S B P Y G S I F M C V V T M O C P L T N O S N A H F P A N D A J X Z X N S B B D O H A C K Q U I A H O O N N Y R A L C E U N Y R O B Y K U T I P I D L Z I O G KLINE PEDLEY S T X 301 N Century Ave Waunakee WI X Qwww rexsinnkeeper com P R V J W S C U PENDL M H Steal N Seafood I E Friday A FishPFry F Nightly Specials Carry Out Available XReservations K MAppreciated C R E Live Entertainment Friday Saturday Private Rooms Available Q S U K Z B January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Zor Zephyr www zorshriners com 2022G Zor Zephyr MMARCH U Magazine N Y N MMagazine I N APage X 21 F H G M D Page 25

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any Shriners with fun in their heart Rex s Innkeeper Innkeeper Rex s Restaurant Bar and Banquet Facility Rex s and Innkeeper Restaurant Bar Banquet Facility Restaurant Bar and Banquet Facility Open Every Night Open Every11am 2pm Night Lunch Mon Fri 643 4211 11 Lunch Mon Fri 11am 2pm 608 849 5011 301 N Century Ave Waunakee WI www rexsinnkeeper com 608 849 5011 Open Every Night WI 301 N Century Ave Waunakee Steal Seafood Friday Fish Fry Nightly Specials Carry Out Available www rexsinnkeeper com Lunch Mon Fri 11am 2pm Reservations Appreciated Live Entertainment Friday Saturday Steaks Seafood Seafood Friday Steal Friday Fish Fry Fry Private Rooms AvailableFish Nightly Specials Carry Out Available 301 N Century Ave Waunakee WI Reservations Appreciated Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com Live Entertainment Friday Saturday www rexsinnkeeper com Private Rooms Available 608 849 5011 WE RE Subscribe toHERE local news for all your printing for all your printing needs needs Steal Seafood Friday Fish Fry MagazineNightly www zorshriners com Specials Carry Out Available HERALD Go Go Mobile Mobile with with Reservations Appreciated Live Entertainment Saturday MONROE Friday COUNTY Private PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Rooms Available PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Pens Pens Koozies Koozies Bags Bags Key Key Chains Chains Cups Mugs Raffle Tickets Cups Mugs Raffle Tickets ine CUSTOM www zorshriners com CUSTOM APPAREL APPAREL monroecountyherald com T Shirts T Shirts Hats Hats Sweatshirts Sweatshirts ntacctt C onta Co day ss to u u today No Job Too Big or Too Small No Job Too Big or Too Small 800 972 9546 800 972 9546 ROBERTS RIVER FALLS ROBERTS RIVER FALLS www fnbrf com www fnbrf com Call 608 269 9797 WE WE ALSO ALSO DO DO Business Business Cards Cards Banners Signs Banners Signs Flyers Flyers Envelopes Envelopes Brochures Brochures Raffle Raffle Tickets Tickets Coupon Coupon Books Books Local Local National National Direct Direct Mail Mail and and much much more more h S miitth Sm union ily re n ne 3 2020 fam ily reunioJu k WI Par20 20 nd 3 Gra ne Ju fam k WI Grand Par DESIGN PRINT MAIL Walk in call email or visit our website Pete Pete Gunderson Gunderson Matt Matt Gunderson Gunderson evansprinting com PRI N T EVANS 800 533 1635 800 533 1635 Greg Evans Printing Inc DBA 1302 River Road Sparta WI MEDI A GROUP ESTABLISHED IN 1998 www HelmerPrinting com www HelmerPrinting com mail evansprinting com 608 269 9797 CONSIDER CONSIDER ADVERTISING ADVERTISING Shriners If you own a business your company should consider Shriners If you own a business your company should consider advertising in the Zor Zephyr It reaches all Zor Shriners in the state advertising in the Zor Zephyr It reaches all Zor Shriners in the state and we can give you very attractive rates If interested please contact and we can give you very attractive rates If interested please contact Milt Helmer at 715 821 5002 or email at miltonhelmer gmail com Milt Helmer at 715 821 5002 or email at miltonhelmer gmail com Zor Shrine office 608 833 6343 Page 26 MARCH MARCH 2022 2022 Zor Zor Zephyr Zephyr Magazine Magazine Zor Zephyr Magazine www zorshriners com Page Page 27 27

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Shriners Children s which started out as Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children is celebrating 100 years of service of helping over 1 million children Below is the listing of the Shriners Children s Hospitals and when they were opened Facility Location Year Opened Shreveport Louisiana 1922 Honolulu Hawaii 1923 Twin Cities Minnesota 1923 San Francisco California 1923 Portland Oregon 1924 St Louis Missouri 1924 Spokane Washington 1924 Salt Lake City Utah 1925 Montreal Quebec Canada 1925 Springfield Massachusetts 1925 Chicago Illinois 1926 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1926 Lexington Kentucky 1926 Greenville South Carolina 1927 Facility Location Year Opened Mexico City Mexico 1945 Houston Texas 1952 Moved to Galveston in 2021 Los Angeles California 1952 Galveston Texas 1966 Erie Pennsylvania 1967 Boston Massachusetts 1968 Cincinnati Ohio 1968 Tampa Florida 1985 Sacramento California Moved from San Francisco 1997 Dayton Ohio Moved from Cincinnati 2021 MSA 2023 Alexandria MN Save the Date August 23rd 26th 2023 If you are planning to attend or need more information please contact Roger Keller at 651 357 3908 Osman Shriners have invited all Zor Shriners to join them in Alexandria MN for the 2023 MSA Summer Session of MSA They are promising a great time They are encouraging us to bring our families and enjoy everything the resort area of Alexandria Lakes has to offer For more information see the Website https www msa2023 org January 2023 Zor Zephyr Magazine Page 27

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MOVING COMPLETE THIS SECTION AND RETURN IT WITH THE CURRENT MAIL LABEL BELOW TO THE ZOR TEMPLE RECORDER 6510 GRAND TETON PLAZA SUITE 204 MADISON WI 53719 Periodicals Postage Paid Sparta WI Zor Clown Shutter Bug Brad Andrew proposing to Peggy Spenser They will be married at the Madison Circus COME TO THE CIRCUS THE BIGGEST WEDDING IN TOWN 2013 Joe Thompson PP looking cuddly Noble Bob Gorsuch enjoying friendship a meal with Illustrious Sir Larry Riemenschneider