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Zephyr Oct Nov 21

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ZOR SHRINE OFFICEMail Address: 575 Zor Shrine Place, Madison, WI 53719Phone (608) 833-6343 • Fax (608) 833-6348E-mail address: website: www.zorshriners.comUSPS 017-572 Published monthly under the auspices of Zor Shriners of Shriners Internaonal Address: 575 Zor Shrine Place, Madison, WI 53719 Electronic Subscripon available on website.Periodicals Postage Paid - Madison, WI and addional mailing oces.Postmaster: Send changes of address to Zor Zephyr 575 Zor Shrine Place, Madison, WI 53719 Winner of ten First Place Dromedary Awards for VOL. LXXIII NO. 05 • Zor Editor: Zor ImagineersCorrespondent: Milt Helmer Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm • Closed Fridays***ZEPHYR REMINDER******ZEPHYR REMINDER***      Wilton, WI • jerdeem@hotmail.comA MESSAGE FROM YOURZOR POTENTATELabor Day is tradionally the end of the summer and what a summer it has been. I’ll start o with a special p of the Fez to our Zor Imagineers and supporng members on winning two Dromedary Awards. One for our Facebook page and the other for Instagram. Lady Sharon and myself aended the Shriners Imperial Session in Houston. Zor was well represented with 13 Nobles and their Ladies. I had the opportunity to compete and parade with the Mavericks. They did not disappoint and won awards. We also went to Sioux City, Iowa for the Midwest Shrine Associaon. Again, Zor was well represented, 20 Nobles and Ladies made the trip. The Mavericks were award winners. Sawduster Randy Johnston won rst place in Auguste clown and teaming up with another Shrine clown received an award for their two-man skit. The Funsters provided conveyed me in both parades in their 1902 Flint. How much beer can it be that to have Batman as your driver. This summer we’ve also been able to parade with the Firehouse Jesters, Midgets and the Mini Cars. It’s always a blast to spend me with our Brothers and Ladies! We have also been able go to the Zor Directors Stas Annual Ladies Appreciaon Night, the “Beer Late than Never” Potentate Dinner for Potentate Barry Ausen, Mehara Shrine Club steak fry, Heart of WI Shrine Club Potentates steak fry, Mini Picnic, Sahara Shrine Club Brat & Corn Feed, LaCrosse Shrine Clubs Potentate Picnic and a combined meeng of the SW Shrine Club, Mound View Shrine Club and Pine River Shrine Club. On August 19th my Lady Sharon fell down the stairs and broke her hip. She had a paral hip replacement and currently is using a walker to get around. This might curtail her ability to come to events for a while but I’ll make every eort to be there if I can. There are many events sll coming up and please check your Zephyr and/or the calendar on the Zor Shriner website. Most WorshipableGrand Master(Love You Brother)and Lady   Page 2  •

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MIDWEST SHRINE ASSOCIATIONSInside This Edition2021 ZOR ELECTED OFFICERSPotentateand LadyWilton, WIjerdeem@hotmail.com1st Ceremonial Master:  Wisconsin Rapids, WI proscker@solarus.net2nd Ceremonial Master:  Tomah, WI jimludevoe@gmail.comMarshall:  Tomah, WI Captain of the Guard:  New Richmond, WI Outer Guard:  Eau Claire, WI rpmalcolm6546@gmail.comChaplain:  Blanchardville, WI kgyellowstone62@gmail.com2021 APPOINTED OFFICERSImperial Potentate and 1st Lady Chief Rabbanand LadyMontello, WIrmlablanc85@gmail.comAssistant Rabbanand Lady Sparta, WIbrueggenal@gmail.comHigh Priest & Prophetand Lady New Richmond, WIrogerkeller2012@gmail.comOriental Guideand Lady Eau Claire, WIgetbrianandlinda@gmail.comRecorderand LadyFitchburg, WIrgorsuch@oakbankonline.comTreasurerand LadyAlbany, page 4   page 22 page 22    STORIES:               page 2   back pageFEATURES:Most WorshipableGrand Master(Love You Brother)and Lady The Making of a ClownOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 3

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Nearly 100 people enjoyed themselves today, September 26th, at The Last Bash, reminiscing about the last 30 years at the ZOR Shrine Temple. Good food was provided by a number of folks and Noble Leonard Picke was the Grill Master for the aernoon. Music was provided by Dan and Nancy Miller of Millers DJ Service. Many thanks to all who helped in any way today and to all those who came. A huge shoutout goes out to Chief Rabban Rodney LaBlanc and his Lady Mary, their daughter Lexie, and Noble Jacob LaBlanc and his Lady Kessa for spearheading the event! The Shrine Temple is scheduled to be sold.Potentate Mark Jerdee was also presented with his camel from the Camel Patrol, as they were unable to hold the annual Chief Rabban party prior to Mark being installed. Again, thank you to everyone who aended this great event, as well as those who donated their me and their cooking/grilling/baking skills. It was a GREAT turnout!!Noble (Chef) Leonard PickeSocial hour has begunDan and Nancy MillerChief Rabban Rodney LaBlancDinner me, and what a wonderful meal it wasKessa LaBlanc – Thank you for all your hard workIll. Sir Mark Jerdee receiving his Camel from Noble Bill Jones of the Zor Camel PatrolPage 4  •

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Lakeland Shrine Club held there annual Ladies Night on Sunday September 19th at the Maple tree Restaurant in McFarland. 34 people enjoyed the steak and shrimp dinner. Following dinner, Past Potentate John Thorstad introduced 4 ladies who sll support the club and aend acvies. L to R : Pat Knipfer, Norma Jenkins, Wava Grinde, and Kathy Holm. We oer best wishes to Pat who has now moved to Arizona.Pete Gunderson& Matt GundersonHere are going into the nal days of summer with fall right around the corner! It has been a very busy summer for the clubs and units parcipang in parades geng the Shrine name back out to the public. I personally would like to say thank you to all the clubs and units that have been out parading this summer, I hope everyone had a wonderful me!If you have not received your dues renewal noce in the mail, it should be arriving soon. Please remember that you need to renew your membership before December 31, 2021 for the year 2022. If you do not renew your membership technically you are not considered to be an acve Noble on January 1, 2022 unl you have paid your dues.Speaking of dues, approximately 88 nobles who are in arrears with not having paid your 2021 dues. If you are one of the Nobles who have not paid your 2021 dues, please do so when you pay your 2022 dues. The last thing we want to do is have several Nobles being suspended for non-payment of dues. If you need assistance, please call the Temple and the sta is more than willing to assist you some of the payment opons available.The table below shows our current membership numbers for the month of September:Speaking of membership, I am currently looking for Nobles who would be interested serving on the ZOR Membership Team. Zorland is divided into three areas, I would like to have 5 or 6 members on each team. The responsibility of the teams is to contact the clubs and units in their respecve area monthly. The Membership Teams meet with the Membership Chairman once a month to update the membership chairman on the progress of the seeking new members and reinstang the suspended members. If you are interested in joining this fun team, please contact me at In closing, please remember membership is everyone’s business and start hunng out those Master Masons who would make a great Shriner at your respecve Blue Lodges. Fraternally yours, Mike Kastens  GreetingsNobles,Herearegoingintothefinaldaysofsummerwithfallrightaroundthecorner!IthasbeenaverybusysummerfortheclubsandunitsparticipatinginparadesgettingtheShrinenamebackouttothepublic.Ipersonallywouldliketosaythankyoutoalltheclubsandunitsthathavebeenoutparadingthissummer,Ihopeeveryonehadawonderfultime!Ifyouhavenotreceivedyourduesrenewalnoticeinthemail,itshouldbearrivingsoon.PleaserememberthatyouneedtorenewyourmembershipbeforeDecember31,2021fortheyear2022.IfyoudonotrenewyourmembershiptechnicallyyouarenotconsideredtobeanactiveNobleonJanuary1,2022untilyouhavepaidyourdues.Speakingofdues,approximately88nobleswhoareinarrearswithnothavingpaidyour2021dues.IfyouareoneoftheNobleswhohavenotpaidyour2021dues,pleasedosowhenyoupayyour2022dues.ThelastthingwewanttodoishaveseveralNoblesbeingsuspendedfornon-paymentofdues.Ifyouneedassistance,pleasecalltheTempleandthestaffismorethanwillingtoassistyousomeofthepaymentoptionsavailable.ThetablebelowshowsourcurrentmembershipnumbersforthemonthofSeptember:Table is current as of: September 9, 2021 September9,2021Members as of September 1, 2021 1,054Creations 0Affiliations 0Restorations 0Associations 0Demits 0Suspensions 0Expired (deaths) 1Current Membership 1053Speakingofmembership,IamcurrentlylookingforNobleswhowouldbeinterestedservingontheZORMembershipTeam.Zorlandisdividedintothreeareas,Iwouldliketohave5or6membersoneachteam.Theresponsibilityoftheteamsistocontacttheclubsandunitsintheirrespectiveareamonthly.TheMembershipTeamsmeetwiththeMembershipChairmanonceamonthtoupdatethemembershipchairmanontheprogressoftheseekingnewmembersandreinstatingthesuspendedmembers.Ifyouareinterestedinjoiningthisfunteam,pleasecontactmeatInclosing,pleaseremembermembershipiseveryone’sbusinessandstarthuntingoutthoseMasterMasonswhowouldmakeagreatShrineratyourrespectiveBlueLodges.Fraternityyours,MikeKastens2021MembershipChairmanOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 5

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ZOR SHRINE CALENDAR OF EVENTSZOR SHRINE CALENDAR OF EVENTSFridayNov 5thReady Randy’s 1490 131st St, New Richmond, WIFridayDec 3rdDIVAN APPRECIATION DINNER6:00 PM - 9:00 PMRadisson Hotel, LaCrosse, WISaturdayNov 6thFOOTBALL RAFFLE 10:30 AM - 1:00 PMHering’s Towne Inn, 124 W Rockwell St, Jeerson, WI 53549SaturdayNov 6th 1:00 PM - 4:00 PMPerkins Stadium, 910 W Schwager Dr, Whitewater, WITuesdayNov 9th 7:00 PM - 9:00 PMCountry Kitchen 1450 Veterans Dr. in Richland CenterMonday-SundayNov 22nd-28th Eau Claire, WIFridayDec 3rd  1:00 PM - 3:00 PMRadisson Hotel La Crosse, 200 Second Street South, 200 Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, WIThursdayOct 28thHonored Ladies Lunch at NoonDivan Meeng 1-3Stated Meeng 3-5Zor Shrine Center 575 Zor Shrine Pl, Madison, WI 53719SaturdayOct 23rdPlaeville, WIFridayOct 22ndPlaeville, WIMonday-SaturdayOct 18th-23rdPOTENTATES BRANSON TRIP SaturdayOct 16th6:00 PM - 10:00 PM2625 W Folsom St, Eau Claire, WISaturdayOct 9thBow Ties, Blackjack and BBQ!Your cket includes a BBQ dinner, Spoed Cow on tap, access to games with chances to win prizes Dress is tuxedo...5:00 PM - 11:00 PMHotel Northland, Autograph Collecon, 304 N Adams St, Green Bay, WI 54301Saturday-SundayOct 9th-10thVendor, and Music Show - Zor FunsterArno Lions Community Park, 6867 4th St, Stevens Point, WI 54482Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PMSunday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PMWednesdayNov 10thSaturdayNov 13th 5:00 PM - 8:00 PMLaCrosse Masonic Center 118 8th St S LaCrosse, WISaturdayDec 4th8:00 AM - 10:00 PMRadisson Hotel, 200 Second Street South, 200 Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, WISundayDec 5th9:00 AM - 10:00 AMFridayDec 10thBaldwin American Legion 2235 55th Ave, Baldwin, WISaturday November 13th is a joint event between Zor Shrine and the Valley of La Crosse Scosh Rite. This is an annual event for the Scosh Rite and this year Zor is joining in to add to the evening. Starng at 5pm sharp, a pasta dinner and dessert is served, followed by a Ladies table lodge with seven toasts to the ladies. Wine is used but juice is available for non-drinkers and kids. Aer the toasts, a short skit about the history of Shrine will be performed by the local Nobles and Masons. Door prizes will be given out during the event. This is a free dinner and open to all Shriners, Masons, their families, and guests, especially the Ladies. Good will donaon at the door. Reservaons are mandatory! Please call Todd Wohlert at 608-385-1923 by 11/6 to get on the list. While it was hopeful the closing on the sale of the Zor property in Madison would occur in the fourth quarter of 2021, it now appears more likely during the rst quarter of 2022. The City of Madison connues to add requirements to its approval of the development which causes the delays.In the meanme, the oce remains as is and rental of oce space elsewhere is in limbo. An oce space has been idened and it is hopeful the owner will be paent unl we are ready to enter into a lease.Page 6  •

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 With the Fall Ceremonial approaching us quickly, and with all the things that the Imagineers are involved with, I am asking for volunteers to help out with the workload that is ahead of us. If you are available and willing to help out, please contact me at or 715-630-9143 and let me know. Once I know who is available, I will be seng up a Zoom meeng to discuss what needs to be done and how you can help. You should all be very proud to be an Imagineer and I am proud to be you President. Since the start of the Imagineers in 2017, we have accomplished so much in the communicaons eld, started the Fezzy Awards, as well as many other area’s which has set the standards for other Temples to follow. We were again recognized by Imperial by winning the Dromedary Awards for Facebook and Insta-gram, well done Lexie LaBlanc. Please join me and help make this the best Winter Ceremonial yet. I am looking forward to hearing from you. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS For all your printing and promotional needsBusiness Cards, Banners, Forms, digital print, signs 715-268-7295 215 Power Street t Amery, WI 54001 Jerome Sorensen 715-497-2645 or Jennifer 715-497-7413Ocers of the St. Croix Valley Shrine Club were elected to lead the club during their annual Stag Night at the River’s Edge Restaurant in Somerset on Wednesday September 15th. The Club was honored to play host to the visit of the current Zor Potentate Mark Jerdee and his Chief Rabban, Rod LaBlanc.OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 7

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Shriners Children’s Twin Cities is now offering pediatric orthopedic prenatal consultations for a wide variety of conditions identified in utero. Every member of our team has experience working with families to develop care plans for babies with orthopedic conditions, and our pediatric fellowship trained staff are here to help your patient understand their child’s pediatric orthopedic condition(s) and what treatment options are available after their baby’s birth. With nearly 20 specialized providers locally and access to nearly 1,200 doctors across our healthcare system, your patient will find the specialist right for them and their treatment plan. At Shriners Children’s Twin Cities, we utilize a team approach to care. Our specialists work together to provide well-rounded and individualized plans for every patient. We recognize the importance of family involvement and making realistic care plans based on your patient’s needs. Specialists that are available include:  Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons  Physical Therapists  Occupational Therapists  Radiology Technicians  Social Workers  Orthotists & Prosthetists  Child Life Specialists We treat the following conditions identified in utero. While a prenatal exam may suggest a child will experience one of the conditions, at their first appointment at Shriners Children’s Twin Cities after the baby is born, we will work to make a specific diagnosis through a complete family medical history and physical examination. The child may require additional testing such as an ultrasound, x-ray, or genetic testing for diagnosis. Amniotic band syndrome (ABS)  Calcaneovalgus foot  Clubfoot / talipes equinovarus  Congenital vertical talus  Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)  Dwarfism  Metatarsus adductus  Missing bones / limbs and other limb discrepancies  Skeletal dysplasia  Spina bifida Refer a patient for a prenatal consultation today. We do not have a waitlist for care. Referring a patient to Shriners Children’s is an easy process:  Complete our referral form or your clinic’s referral form  Fax or scan the completed referral form to our Intake Coordinator OR have your patient call to schedule: o Fax: 612.596.6102 o Email: o Phone: 612.596.6105  If you submit a referral form, our Intake Coordinator will contact the family directly to schedule an appointment Page 8  •

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Shriners Children’s Twin Cities is now offering walk-in pediatric injury care, Monday - Friday from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. Children can been seen right away by an orthopedic specialist and receive wrap-around care from our multidisciplinary team at Shriners Children’s Twin Cities. At every age, kids take sports and play seriously. Kids are not small adults and therefore, cannot be treated in the same way. At Shriners Children’s Twin Cities, we specialize in pediatric orthopedic care for infants and children up to age 18. We provide pro-level care at critical stages of development. We know kids better, so we can treat them better and get them back to what they love quickly and safely. Children should be referred to an orthopedic specialist if they have an obvious injury – such as pain, swelling, or inability to move or bear weight – or if they have no obvious injury, but have persistent complaints of pain or limping. Conditions seen at our walk-in clinic include, but are not limited to: • Sprains • Strains • Fractures • Broken Bones • Sports Injuries • Play Injuries Please keep in mind we do not have an Emergency Department on-site; therefore, spine injuries and concussions should go to the appropriate facility. Should you have questions, please call 612-596-6100. In order to get children back into action safely, complete follow-up care is available from our providers and our supporting departments at every visit: • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Radiology • Child Life By choosing Shriners Children’s, patients have access to nearly 1,200 doctors in one of the largest pediatric specialty healthcare systems in the world — the most amazing care anywhere. Shriners Children’s Twin Cities treats children regardless of the families’ ability to pay. We accept and bill private insurance and Medicaid. However, all in-house care is provided regardless of coverage or coverage limitations. Should you have questions regarding walk-in services, or other services at Shriners Children’s Twin Cities, our Professional Relations department is here to provide information needed to ensure pediatric patients are receiving the orthopedic care they deserve. We would love to be a resource for you and your team. Dana Kernik-Theisen Professional Relations Manager (612) 596-6104 Sarah Van Petten Professional Relations Coordinator (612) 596-6204 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 9

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Connued on next page...sign up now!sign up now!Noble Name: __________________________________ Lady/ Guest: ________________________(Name Tags will be made from the names you provide above)Phone Number: _______________________ E-Mail Address: _______________________________Saturday, December 4, 2021Both Men’s & Ladies Luncheon @ La Crosse Masonic Center 116 8th Street South La Crosse, WILuncheon Cost $10.00 per person:Todd Wolhert at or 608-385-1923FALLZOR’SCeremonialCeremonialDinner Opons are as follows:# 1 ) Smoked Pork Loin No. _______ @ $35.00 = ________________ # 2 ) 6-OZ Beef Tenderloin - With Wild Mushrooms & Cabernet wine sauce No. _______ @ $40.00 = ________________# 3) Cheese Ravioli with, Tomatoes, Fresh cut Herbs, with 3 cheese sauce No. _______ @ $30.00 = ________________  $_______________________All Dinners include a Garden Green salad with tomato, Cucumber, Parmesan cheese, Croutons, French or Ranch Dressing.Accompanied with Au Gran PotatoesDessert: Strawberry Vanilla Cream Layer CakeLate Fee $20.00 aer DeadlineZor Shrine Center575 Zor Shrine PlMadison, WI 53719OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 11

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This years Midwest Shrine Associaon met in Sioux City, IA, August 12th thru the 14th. Zor was well represented by Nobles, Ladies, Family’s, and Zor Units. Our hosts, Abu Bekr Shriners were very hospitable and had many fun things for all to do. It was great to see and remunice with so many fellow Nobles and friends from the other 14 Temples that make up the Midwest Shrine Associaon. Zor units completed the compeon well with the Zor Mavericks taking 1st place and Noble Randy Johnston, ‘Cliord’ for taking 1st place for Aguste Clown and Best Clown in Unit. Congratulaons Winners. We also had the opportunity to parcipate in two well aending parades. It is always great to see so many Shrine Units get together to ll the streets. By the look on their faces, the ladies enjoyed the show. We had the opportunity to get to know our friends from El Zagal Shrine, Fargo, ND, as we shared the hotel and hospitality room with them. What a great me had by all. A special Thank you goes out to Noble Randy Webb and his Lady Kathy for bringing and manning the hospitality, Job Well Done.2021 MSA SIOUX CITY, IANoble Randy ‘Cliord’ Johnston and Ill. Sir Mark Jerdee presenng him his 1st place award.Mavericks Lined up for inspecon.Zor Nobles dressed and ready for the parade.Aer a long day of parading, me to sit back and enjoy the music.Page 12  •

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Noble Jacob Lablanc running through the course.Noble Mone Kramer driving the Zor Potentates through the parade in the Zor Funsters 1902 Flint.Sir Mone Seber, PP driving his re truck in the parade.Nobles Randy ‘Spike’ Webb and Chris ‘Sparky’ PetersA parade just isn’t a parade without a visit from Noble Steve ‘Batman’ Livernash.• : E-mail: zorcommunica• . Send your donaon to the Shrine Oce: 575 Zor Shrine Place, Madison, WI 53719ALL CLUBS AND UNITS SHOULD BE ZEPHYR SUPPORTERS. THIS IS YOUR ZEPHYR!OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 13

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by Milt HelmerAer more than a year of waing, an Armenian girl is now rescheduled to travel to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia on October 23rd for treatment of debilitang consequences of a knee infecon early in life.Dr Chris Tashjian of River Falls rst met Mari Alexanyan during one of his medical mission trips to Armenia. Armenia is a small country , about the size of Hawaii, nestled between Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan.Mari was originally slated for the trip to the Shrine Hospital in 2020, however Covid changed all that for this bright eyed young girl, now 6 years old.Having to wait a year for treatment has caused her condion to worsen somewhat, but the Hospital sll accepted her. Dr Tashjian will travel to Philadelphia to be with her during the start of her treatment at Shriners. He will stay in Philadelphia unl a treatment plan is developed. Mari and her mother do not speak English, so having a doctor there they know will help them make their adjustment to America.Young Mari has never le the country before so there is a lot of fear involved in the trip. That fear will be eased by the good people at Shriners and Dr Tashjian.The family of Mari Alexanyan is shown with Dr Tashjian during I recently spoed a yer that said, “Benet Fish Fry Supper” and “All Proceeds Benet the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.” Being that it was only a two hour drive to Whitehall, WI, I decided to check it out. Whitehall is nestled between Eau Claire and La Crosse, WI.Wow, was I taken by surprise when I pulled into the driveway! There was a manicured lawn, beauful gardens, well maintained buildings, 35 parked Amish buggies, and 100-125 Amish people. That’s when I realized this benet was being put on by the Amish community. The women were dressed in long skirts and tended to the preparing and serving of the food cooked on gas or wood fed stoves. The younger women were taking care of siblings and younger kids while assisng in the kitchen and other responsibilies. The men were working together on many acvies including the making of homemade ice cream in a 5-gallon ice cream container powered by a John Deere gas engine. I observed the sh being fried, side dishes being prepared, and the smell of many fresh baked pies; those pies later being served a’la mode with the homemade ice cream. This benet was put together with an impressive 600 pounds of sh, 55 gallons of cooking oil, countless side dishes, never ending assortment of pies and 40 gallons of homemade ice cream all prepared and served without electricity.The social opportunity allowed Zor Potentate Mark Jerdee, Lady Sharon and myself to walk around and talk with others. We were being “thanked” me aer me for everything the Shriners provide. Many of the people were Amish parents who have kids as paents or former paents at the Twin Cies or Chicago locaons. They were so very grateful; and the eort put into this benet was conrmaon. Zor has hospital vans that provide paents with transportaon and some of these paents live in eligible transport areas. I recently received a call from Mahlon and Millie Miller, the gracious hosts of this event. Mahlon said they esmated serving between 500-700 people; an exact count was dicult as many people came in by van loads and others enjoyed seconds of the food. Mahlon was excited to share their rst ever benet for the Shriners had the net proceeds of $7573 going to the Shriners Children’s Twin Cies.I hope they have this benet again next year, if so, rest assured there will be more fezzes.(Pictures were not taken per request of this event sta.) Robert Hering S h r i n e r s C h i l d r e n ’ s – T w i n C i  e s Page 14  •

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Zor Shriners annual meeng and elecon of ocers will be held on Saturday January 8th, at the Marrio Madison West located at 1313 John Q. Hammons in Middleton. Rooms are available for both Friday and Saturday nights for a cost of $ 99.00 per night plus taxes for a standard room or $ 109.00 per night plus taxes for a suite. Cuto date for the Zor room rate is December 17th. To book your hotel room, please call the Hotel at 1-888-745-2032 and ask for the Zor Shriners Rate or the Zor oce will do an E-blast which will bring you to the hotel website and you can click on the Zor link to reserve your room.The men's luncheon will consist of a plated grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable starng at 11:30 a.m. for $ 20.00 per person The opening of the business meeng will start at 1:00 p.m. Reminder to bring your current 2022 Shrine dues card when you register to aend the business meeng.The Ladies luncheon will start at 12:00 p.m.. The menu will be a creamy chicken and wild rice soup and a salad buet for $ 20.00 per person Aer the luncheon, there will be a $ 1.00 per card "wine bingo".A childrens menu of chicken nuggets, french fries, fruit cup or applesauce and milk for $ 10.00 per plate. Children under 2 years of age are free.Following the annual meeng and elecon, at approx. 3:30 p.m. ladies, family and friends are invited to aend the public installaon.The annual Potentate Fezzing will start at 5:00 p.m. with a cash bar prior to the 6:00 p.m. buet dinner.  : Caesar salad, garden greens salad , braised beef ps, maple bourbon slice port loin, baby red potatoes, cranberry wild rice, caramel apple pie or turtle cheesecake. for $ 50.00 per person. As in the past, the Divan ladies will make a presentaon followed by the family and friend’s roast.Name ________________________________________________________________________Address ________________________________________________________________________Phone ________________________________________________________________________Make Checks payable to Zor Shriners and mail coupon to:Mens luncheon No. aending ________ @ $20.00 ________Ladies luncheon No. aending ________ @ $20.00 ________Kids luncheon No. aending ________ @ $20.00 ________Buet dinner No aending ________ @ $50.00 ________Kid's Dinner No. aending ________ @ $10.00 ________Total Amount enclosed $___________________OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 15

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Every year, except last year, the St. Croix Valley Shrine Club sponsors the Potentate’s dinner marking the beginning of the University of Wisconsin -River Falls annual homecoming celebraon. This year, following an extended period of masks and isolaon, the members of the club pulled out all the stops. Not only did they host a special dinner for the Fighng Falcons of River Falls during the week, but they also paid tribute to members who made the weekend event so special. Roger Keller of the Divan was the Master of Ceremonies for the dinner held at Juniors in downtown River Falls.In his remarks Roger introduced the Grand Lodge ocers in aendance which included Most Worshipful Grand Master Gary Stang of Eau Claire and other vising dignitaries including Mark Jerdee this year’s Zor Potentate. Others in aendance were the St. Croix Valley Shrine Club President Ed Swenson and the 2021-22 president elect Carl Gaulke. The guests of honor at the banquet were the Parade Grand Marshal Brock Haverland of New Richmond and his mother Melissa LaLiberty and her daughter Avalyn.Past Potentates Gary Cuskey, Barry Ausen, and Larry Riemenschneider were also introduced. Riemenschneider and Nobles Jerry Haushildt and Larry Nelson were honored for their fundraising eorts for the Club. Ed Swenson was also thanked for his leadership over the past 2 years as president.It was announced that the Imperial Session for July of 2022 will be held at Minneapolis and Nobles were urged to aend. In addion the MSA is coming to LaCrosse in 2024.In his remarks Most Worshipful Grand Master Gary Stang urged all those aending the upcoming parade to ask people in the crowd to join the Shrine. It was also noted that next year will be the 60th year of the lile East West Shrine Game. Each year the club names a paent at Shriners Health Care in the Twin Cies to be their Grand Marshal. Something special is being planned to note this landmark event.AT POTENTATES DINNERby Milt HelmerDignitaries introduced at the Shrine Potentates party are pictured, front row, Parade Grand Marshal Brock Haverlandt, and his sister Avalyn and mom Melissa LaLiberty. Back row le to right is Earl Gunderson Senior Grand Steward, Gary Stang Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin, Zor Potentate Mark Jerdee, Club President Ed Swenson and President Elect Carl Gaulke.Ed Swenson did an outstanding job as President of the St. Croix Valley Shrine Club during some trying mes.Melissa La Liberty, mother of the Grand Marshal Brock Haverlandt, takes a moment to thank all the Nobles for all they do for children at the Shriners Healthcare for Children in the Twin Cies.Mark Jerdee, the 2021 Potentate, was presented with an engraved plaque marking his year as the leader of the Zor Shrine in Wisconsin. Photos by Milt HelmerPage 16  •

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The Making of a ClownOn September 25th, over 60 Nobles, Ladies, and Friend got together at the Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club in Madison to make a Clown. The Madison Clowns each year come up with a Face and Name for the Potentate, so that they can be an Honorary Clown, this year was no dierent. Ill. Sir Mark Jerdee, now known as ‘The Big Cheeze’ had his day in the spotlight. Congratulaons Ill. Sir Mark. All present had a very good me and the food was great. Thank you Madison Clowns for the great show.The Big CheezeMark B. HazelbakerAttorney at Law599 D’Onofrio Drive, Suite 222 Madison, WI 53719Direct Line (608) 662-2300 Fax (608) 662-9977 Cell (608) 220-7271Email Website www.kasieta.comJimmie R Hover 07.18.21 Mauston, WIGeorge T Gialamas 05.08.21 Madison, WIRobert H Lauck 07.20.21 Madison, WIDonald G Knapp 08.03.21 Madison, WIJames T Pawlisch 08.21.21 Reedsburg,WIIN MEMORIAMIN MEMORIAM+-!('-SVVYPUN33*0 DUDWKRQ)ORRULQJQHW3LQH6W_0DUDWKRQ:,2L]PU:VYLUZVU5(6,'(17,$/&200(5&,$/her Big CheezeOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 17

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HOSPITAL DADSHOSPITAL DADSDRIVER SCHELLEY SCHOVILLEKEN MEYERDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONAL COENENAL COENENAL COENENDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONRICHARD DENNISSCHELLEY SCHOVILLEDORA JOHNSTONSTEVE PETERSONTIM NATARUSRICHARD DENNISSCHELLEY SCHOVILLESCHELLEY SCHOVILLEBOB CALVERLEYBOB CALVERLEYJIM KIELLEYDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONSCHELLEY SCHOVILLEAL COENENAL COENENAL COENENDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONDORA JOHNSTONED NEWCOMBDORA JOHNSTONRIDERJohn ShaeerRob RandsNadine SchuhDeb LongeldJim DeVoeJim DeVoeJim DeVoeDebbie LongeldDebbie LongeldDebbie LongeldDebbie LongeldVicki DennisRockie RocksvoldAlbie KramerDick JarvisTim NatarusMone SteiberGene TremellingMone KramerMone KramerKevin GreenoNadine SchuhNadine SchuhDebbie LongeldNadine SchuhRandy JohnstonGene TremellingJim DeVoeJim DeVoeJim DeVoeNadine SchuhDebbie LongeldRandy JohnstonDora JohnstonDebbie LongeldShriners Hospitalsfor Children®Chicago Karen Jones Bob & Carol Gorsuch Russell & Lorraine Dunnum Arlen & Gloria Christensen Al & Anne Becker Nancy Utzig Monte & Ann steiber Past Potentates James & Joan SoderholmMary Millard Nancy UtzigJim Hover Robert & Therese SeversonRichard Knipfer Brandi Yates Robert Everson Debra Greene Mark Nelson Michael Nelson Katherine Holme Diane Jensen Richard Anderson Jr Sharon Christensen Carol & Bob Gorsuch James & Joan SoderholmGeorge Anast Doug ZacheCarolyn Ensch Joe & Julie Thompson Dan & Judy Webster Donna MorrisseyAtlee Wilson James & Joan SoderholmAl Brueggen B-Day Mark Severson Julie E Lafuse Phillip Mell  Larry Curs Bill DrecktrahRomaine Schone Carl & Brenda GaulkeAlyce Herbison Marabeth Leum Hollis HerbisonJim Hover Gloria Hale Wanda HoverJim Nolby Larry & Julie RiemschneiderRobert Krueger St Croix Valley SC Larry & Julie Riemschneider Barry Ausen, PP 2020 Larry & Jule Riemenschneider Al Brueggen’s 60th Birthday Larry & Jule Riemenschneider   Concerna Carl Ray Burrows Jane E Fox MAC Aack Fundraiser Timber Shrine ClubDONATIONSDONATIONS Larry Curs Ray & Eloise AsbjornsonDorothy Whitmer Duane S DrevesKaren Jones Richard & Phylis WinterCharles Ubersox Monte & Ann Steiber John & Debbi ThorstadCarolyn Ensch Monte & Ann Steiber Fundraiser Timber SC James Devoe Marlyn Etlicher Barbara Etlicher Page 18  •

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Created with Word Search Makeron the on the lighter lighter sidesideCreated with Word Search MakerZor Members Last NameHAMMARBACK HEDBERG MEIER MICHELS TROWBRIDGE BOECK COX CURLEY HAVLICEK HOORNSTRA JENKINS OLSON REYNOLDS SMITH STAHMER ANDREW BECKER CRONE ENGEBRETSON HODEL KIGER PRESTON GUY JENNERMAN JOHNSON Name: V L J F V J I M W N D R J H R J T O E N C K W F KG G Q J V G Y G N R M L E D O H L Y S S G X S Y YK C N G W V I I R T P R E S T O N D V N S I E V NU H D C K C G G Q D W Y A S I L L G U E J A R O EY B T Y Y A I A N B H T Q P O O J G T H O D Q F JM Q X I V R T I U A N F J G N I X E D N U Y E A NN S Y N M T A O M G M E Q Y K A P Q B V Q U I M IQ B F G E S U M S R D R E L S Q E H L Q R X T M LK W D I W N A B B O D R E M E A I W K O D K F X UE N G E B R E T S O N E W N I C S I Z Z N V T I RS D X D B O M Q A S I Q Z B N Y G T G O K R Q M UA H Y A R O F Z E A D E M P Y E B D S T L G K W PP X C U U H G E D K Y S E R R W J N K Q U S Z I ZK K W F E W J Y J C T A U C T J H F Q Y S P O Y OA O E Q S M E A N E R L A L I O X E L W I X N N FM O M Y L E U J P O N A W O J C H T D V P D W J GD X J I E O A Q J B V K N B D R O S R B G B M F WM C B O H L T R O W B R I D G E B D T M E U L Q CQ Y Z W C M R U H D B G S N R Z C Z X A U R Y M KC O D Z I W D U V F X V X C S E C J S B H P G E JT V M P M O K M C O X Z V R Y Y W Q P E Y M J I YS E K E C I L V A H B H T C I H Y J N C J I E E HU T R O P C W D X M T Z A I Q Q V O H K I N K R KS A T W Y F C N R K L R B W C G R D V E W K A F DN B U K D Q Q J A R T M Z P U C L B S R O Z F P I(First Name) (Member Since)BERNT HAMMARBACK 1988 DEAN HEDBERG 1988 LARRY MEIER 1988 EDWARD MICHELS 1988 JAMES TROWBRIDGE 1988 GLEN BOECK 1988 JAMES COX 1988 JAMES CURLEY 1988 DONALD HAVLICEK 1988 CHARLES HOORNSTRA 1988 RONALD JENKINS 1988 RICHARD OLSON 1988 DAVID REYNOLDS 1988 VERNON SMITH 1988 JOHN STAHMER 1988 BRAD ANDREW 1989 ALBERT BECKER 1989 LAWRENCE CRONE 1989 STEVEN ENGEBRETSON 1989 LE ROY HODEL 1989 GARY KIGER 1989 ROBERT PRESTON 1989 ROBERT GUY 1989 ALBERT JENNERMAN 1989 WILLIAM JOHNSON 1989Zor Members Last Name Word ListUse Zapper App to see the answers to this puzzleOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 21

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715-643-4211Open 7 Days A WeekServing Nightly at 4pm Sunday Mornings 8:30am-1pmBanquet Facilities for Parties and Special Events6010 Hwy 51, McFarland608-838-5888Supper ClubSteal & Seafood • Friday Fish FryNightly Specials • Carry-Out AvailableReservations AppreciatedLive Entertainment Friday & SaturdayPrivate Rooms AvailableRestaurant/Bar and Banquet FacilityRex’s Innkeeper• Open Every Night • Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11am-2pm608-849-5011301 N. Century Ave., Waunakee, WIwww.rexsinnkeeper.com0718-0177274127-v4 A1695Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank aliate of Wells Fargo & Company. © 2011, 2013, 2016 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved.Steve Schumacher, CFP®Managing Director – Branch ManagerDirect: (608) 758-5330steve.schumacher@wellsfargoadvisors.comComstock Tire2413 S. Park St.Madison, WI 53713(608) 257-1004Your One Stop Shop for Tires & Auto Service!St Croix Valley Shrine club has good aendance for annual picnic. The annual summer picnic for the St. Croix Valley Shrine Clubs annual picnic on Sunday August 1st was a well aended aair. The event was held in Freedom Park in Presco and had as their guests Past Potentates Vern Engebretson and Larry Riemenschneider.The Mehara Shrine Club refreshes their Club House by repaint their Shriner Statue and Fez. Job Well Done.Page 22  •

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 I hope everyone is doing well! It sounds like everything went well for the Units and Clubs that went to M.S.A . in Sioux City Iowa. It seems like fall is starng to approach us with the turning of the leaves on the trees also with the parade season starng to wind down. And also of all the Kids heading back to School. Many of us have been working on the Sportsman’s Rae and Banquet in Eau Claire on Saturday October 16th @ 616 Graham Avenue So if you have sold ckets Please get them sent to the Zor Oce. Please if any tables are sold please contact us so they can be added to the list once payment is received.Work is well under way for the Fall Ceremonial in La Crosse! If you have never been there it’s something you should come and check out! Awesome Christmas lights display along the Mississippi River! Mark your Calendars December 4th & 5th More Details Will be Available coming soon. Thank you, Bruce Fransway!CHIEF OF STAFF CHIEF OF STAFFOmhOlt & FOrsythe, s.C.WillsProbateCorporationsPersonal InjuryLLC’sBusinessReal EstatePower of AttorneysMANAWA920.596.2060IOLA715.445.2511ATTORNEYDAVID L. FORSYTHEAttorneys at LawEst. 1939( 800) 972-9546No Job Too Big or Too SmallROBERTS • RIVER FALLSBe well. Be home. Be family.410 N. Main St. Dousman, WI 53118 800.848.5306 | Whether you join our community-based Wellness Connection, become a member of our team, or experience our full continuum of care, we welcome you!Lifestyle. Value. Trust.Visit our website for virtual tours, careers, tness membership info, and more! Pete Gunderson& Matt GundersonOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021 •  Page 23

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MOVING?COMPLETE THIS SECTION AND RETURN IT WITH THE CURRENT MAIL LABEL (BELOW) TO THE ZOR TEMPLE RECORDER575 ZOR SHRINE PL., MADISON, WI 53719PeriodicalsPostage PaidBeldenville, WIThe Firehouse Jesters at the 2011 Hillsboro Labor Day Parade on 9/5. Shriners and pirates and clowns, oh my!Wausau Potentate Party - Billy the Kid and Sckyngers promise to only “borrow” the car. Wausau Potentate Party. Deb and Dale are all dressed up and ready to roll. The Firehouse Jesters at the 2011 Hillsboro Labor Day Parade on 9/5. Shriners and pirates and clowns, oh my! Wausau Potentate Party - Billy the Kid and Stickyfingers promise to only “borrow” the car. The Firehouse Jesters at the 2011 Hillsboro Labor Day Parade on 9/5. Shriners and pirates and clowns, oh my! Wausau Potentate Party - Billy the Kid and Stickyfingers promise to only “borrow” the car. Wausau Potentate Party. Deb and Dale are all dressed up and ready to roll. Page 24  •